No way to votes

The Germans united an entire country by blaming and hating the Jews. A few black leaders unite the entire African-American community by hating whites; it is that simple. Every time there is a white-on-black conflict, out come the handful of black leaders staging marches and so forth. Why those same black leaders and the president aren't harping on the black-on black-murders is obvious - there are no votes that way.

Choose wisely

Kudos to youth who are making a difference. Can you believe those kids are paying $451 to come here? The citizens and slumlords should be ashamed that those kids are paying more to come and help than you are willing to invest in your own property. You have flat screens, four-wheelers, beer and cigarettes and your welfare check, but these kids have to come and fix your properties. I hope they picked appropriately. God bless them.

Pure of skin

I am looking for a woman without tattoos, jewelry on her eyelids, nose, lips, tongue and ears. Do you know where I can find one? Frog's take: They only exist in legend. They are the white buffalo.

In hiding

Our government has the time to consider civil rights charges against George Zimmerman because the verdict based on the evidence wasn't what they wanted. George Zimmerman is living in hiding from those seeking vigilante justice. Who is looking out for his civil rights? Where is his ability to live as a free American citizen?

No sportsmanship

Congratulations to the Kulpmont Teener League Baseball team for advancing to the championship. It is a shame that their players, coaches and fans have no sense of sportsmanship. Having coaches ejected and fans thrown out for cursing and throwing water bottles at umpires is an embarrassment. Have some respect for yourselves, your opponent and the game.

Still in charge

Reading The News-Item article Friday about the Kulpmont police chief, I am appalled he still remains the police chief of Kulpmont. As far as I am concerned, the man should have been fired long ago.

Not kosher

Ripped off again. Gas dropped two cents a week, raised 25 cents in two weeks. Something is not kosher here.

Sweet home, Chicago

Why doesn't the NAACP address the issues in Chicago where all these gangs, which are mostly black, are killing each other? Last year, there was more than 600 killings in Chicago alone. This year, the number is up to 500 already.

Seeing God

The other day I saw a gorgeous blue sky, shades of green you never get tired of and a beautiful sunset. I saw a puppy and a newborn baby. I didn't need a science teacher or a pastor to tell me about creation. I saw God that day.

Nose to the wheel

It looks like President Obama is pushing for the Justice Department to get some kind of civil rights action against Zimmerman for shooting Trayvon Martin, and I think he should let the state and county government take care of that. The guy has been found innocent. I think he ought to put his nose to the wheel and get the gas prices down and get the world situation straightened out, and get Congress to start working.

Street walking

Here go the electric bills going up again. Everything keeps going up and up and up. Everything but the paychecks. We will all soon be living out on the streets. They protest everything else, why don't they start protesting the rates on everything going up?

System has failed

In my perfect world, that bum up in Boston would have been executed by now instead of being on magazine covers. Our judicial system sucks.

Erasing doubt

If there was ever any doubt that Barack Obama is a racist, the comments he made in reference to the Trayvon Martin case should erase them. This man is a racist, a bigot, and has no business being President of the United States.

Not his business

I thought President Obama was pretty good until he starts talking about the Trayvon Martin case. That case is none of the presidential business. His business is to run this country.