Not the chief

If Sen. John McCain does not understand how the president is handling the plane being shot down, he should resign from the Senate. He is not the president. Obama is president.

On the streets

Aww, the poor criminals in county lockup aren't getting released fast enough and Vinny is all upset. We need to get these criminals back on the street faster so they can get back to their lives of crime, right? Give me a break.

On the chuck wagon

I hope they are accomplishing what this is intended for, as I have heard, the spreading of God's Word, but I highly doubt the group that lines up are interested in anything else but getting a free handout. If they quit smoking and stopped getting tattooed, they would be able to buy food and buy something other than pajama pants. They should make a visit to church just to thank God there is an organization that can look beyond that.

Pay the bill

Line Mountain School District officials are doing nothing and costing themselves more money by the day by not paying the Lower Mahanoy Township Municipal Authority for the damages they owe, which was caused by their negligence. All you are doing is costing yourself more money and, yes, taking money away that could be better used in the education system.

Missing pieces

About some of the comments on God's Chuck Wagon that I have been reading in Sound Off: My Bible doesn't have that section where the multitudes were hungry, the disciples came to Jesus and said Lord, we have to help them. He said, "Screw them; they are human rats." Some people.

Empty pockets

I was wondering what happened to the casino money that was supposed to alleviate the personal property taxes.

Come again

Be careful what you say. It may come back to haunt you.

$15 a day

This is for the knucklehead who put in Sound Off that it doesn't cost you anything to be in prison in Northumberland County. They charge you $15 a day to stay at their hotel.


What is this with these young kids staying up until 3, 4, and 5 in the morning playing video games? Does anybody else think this is insane? Where are the parents? No wonder why these kids can't get moving until 2 p.m.

One in the same

The Congressional Budget Office released its report last week showing the new health care law only exacerbates the deficit, which is barreling toward the start of World War II heights. Our health care problem, Obamacare, is now our deficit problem.

What's going on

They just had on the national news where the average price of gas is $3.53 a gallon. Why is it $3.73 in Elysburg? They are gouging us. It is time for the Obama people to realize what is going on.

South of the border

I just returned from a little trip down south where gas was $3.14. Yes, $3.14 a gallon for regular gas in South Carolina. Why is everybody up here punishing us?