Yucky rain

Watching the news on TV lately, I see where some of our country's greatest economists say the nation is in an inflationary period, no matter what Washington, D.C., says. But here is the best one yet: President Obama's Environmental Protection Agency just said rain water is a pollutant. Wow, and we call these people leaders?

Notre Dame

Frog, get off your high horse. Notre Dame doesn't get dragged into anything. They are a member of the NCAA as an independent, with special favors. Who else can join a conference for everything but football and only have to play four or five conference games for an automatic Orange Bowl bid? They wouldn't have received half the sanctions Penn State did, so get real. Frog's take: Easy, big fella. I don't like Notre Dame any more than you do.

No pickup

How come they can't pick up Christmas trees in Mount Carmel now? What are people supposed to do? Frog's take: See our story about Project MCA Cleanup on page 1.

No skewing

A recent caller said the NCAA skews the rules for Notre Dame. I point out that Notre Dame did not have someone on the coaching staff that molested children. Notre Dame didn't have an administration and coaching staff that covered up for that. Notre Dame didn't put its football program above the safety of children. The NCAA did its job.

It's official

Well all you Obama supporters - it is official. Your guy only won by 4,957,508 votes out of 12,6831,812 votes cast. That means your great one only won by a mere 3.9 percent! So, while you say he has spoken - he has only spoken for half the United States.

Oath to defend

All elected federal officials take an oath to defend the Constitution. Forcing the U.S. to default, "over the fiscal cliff," jeopardizes the credit rating of the U.S. and in effect weakens the Constitution. Republicans that engage in this type of activity should be accused of conspiracy and thrown out of office. It's time for all elected Democrats to force a measure that investigates the Republican party for high treason against the U.S. and it's failure to defend the Constitution.

Enjoying Noel

Congrats to Rob Wheary for a beautiful story on Noel the Labrador Retriever. Maybe more people should adopt dogs from a shelter rather than going to pay all that money to those puppy mills. Good job, and I hope the family enjoys Noel.