The regulator

Kenn Splitt makes an excellent point in his letter, which apparently is oblivious to those absorbed in their Second Amendment rights: If the First Amendment, which is written in pretty absolute terms when it comes to the government's inability to deny our freedoms of speech and religion, can be regulated (and it is), why shouldn't the Second Amendment be regulated? The same people who will support a law that would deny an American's right to burn the flag support the "right" of Americans to carry assault weapons that could obliterate dozens of people in seconds?


It was rather heartwarming reading the recent article about the hamlet of Gilberton and its support of the Second Amendment. Exactly why they felt it was paramount to hold a public meeting to announce such a position is curious, at best. As a sportsman and a legal owner of firearms, thank you for your effort just the same.

Have another

Get ready for another one county lawsuit. Looks like two municipalities, and probably four in the county, will actually be suing the county thanks to the decision on the constables. And Clausi puts the blame on somebody else.

Wise up

This is a call in reference to the "Lawyer up" comment. I know you must be a Vinny lover because who else would call and make such a statement? You are going to gripe about $420?

The law

I am calling about an article in the paper the other day about Chinese auctions actually being illegal but the PLCB overlooks it. I love Chinese auctions, but how are we supposed to teach our kids right from wrong if one law is acceptable even if you break it?

Spiteful neighbor

It is fine and dandy if you pay for parking signs to reserve the right to park in front of your own house, but if you do so just for spite so your neighbors don't park there, that is another thing. That's especially true if you are keeping your car in a garage and haven't used your reserved parking spot since you got your sign. It has been one and a half months since the neighbor got hers and has never parked in front of her home once. Talk about abusing the system.

Fresh start

I say we have elections in Northumberland County for commissioners and we vote all the commissioners out and put new ones in and start out fresh. Frog's take: Sorry, but commissioner elections are every four years, and the next one is 2015.

More Maresca

As an over-the-hill conservative right-winger I look forward to Greg Maresca's column every Sunday. Our materialistic, anti-religious society needs more of his comments and values and a little less of Walter Brasch's commentaries, which have inundated our young people's minds with his liberal left-wing views.


I can see where reality, logic and reasoning can be disconcerting to a utopiest.