As a resident of Mount Carmel Area, I think the elementary principal and her staff's treatment of that child is irrational.


As a parent and a grandmother, I was sickened by what transpired at Mount Carmel school over Hello Kitty Bubbles Gun. Next it will be water pistols.

On the hook

Are you kidding me? What kind of school principal takes a 5-year-old kindergarten student's comments as factual? It was a toy gun that blows bubbles! They have no idea what they are saying at that young age. If she would have been a football player it would have been ignored. Guess the taxpayers will be on the hook for the lawsuit when that comes.

Rate increase

Why was the rate increased? Understand it was due to giving a job to a board member's relative. Why was this job not advertised first and the job opened up to all to apply? Why were the citizens not notified of the impending rate increase and reasons for it prior to it going into effect?

Going south

The coal region hit the national scene big time this week when Fox, MSN, CNN and other national media ran the story on the Mount Carmel Area School District officials who concluded that a 5-year-old girl's remarks about a bubble gun constituted a threat. Methinks the school officials need the analysis, not the young child.

Negative space

At a recent get-together with friends (several of whom are teachers at Shamokin Area School District), I received quite a revelation: Quite a few teachers at SASD send their own kids to Lourdes Regional School, even though many of them are not Catholic. Smaller classes? Discipline? The main reason was concern over the lowering of demographics in our area, with too many parents who have no interest in whether their kids are learning or not. The influx of paying-students is good news for Lourdes Regional, but it's a disturbing commentary for public education. Frog's take: It's a disturbing commentary on parents.

Reason needed

So sad to see the recent developments at the Mount Carmel Area School District in regards to an innocent comment made by a child. What is even sadder is the overreaction by the administration officials. A voice of reason and a step back was truly needed.

Bubble ban

I heard that Obama is proposing to ban the assault version of the Hello Kitty Bubbles Gun. A clip that has no more than 10 bubbles. This country has gone crazy.

Bad memories

I have read everything now! Question a 5-year-old girl by herself with no adults with her? That poor girl is going to have a lot of bad memories.

Power trip

I am appalled that Mount Carmel Area questioned a 5-year-old girl for three hours over such an innocent thing. I don't want my tax dollars paying for this type of behavior.

Doesn't know better

If I was the mother of that little girl, I would sue the Mount Carmel Area School District. I am glad I don't live in Mount Carmel.

Come and get 'em

As a gun owner for the last 35 years, any of you liberals who want to take my guns are welcome to come to my house and get them. Have a good day.


I just read about the little 5-year-old girl being question without the parents being present. Isn't there a juvenile law that a minor under the age of 18 should have a parent there? It also happened to my son a year and a half ago. They questioned him for three and a half hours, called me afterward and sent him down to the police station.

Sarcastic congrats

Congratulations, Mount Carmel Area, you made Fox News. A 5-year-old girl? My God!