Stand up and shout

Why would the treasurer lie about our finances? The treasurer should be allowed to print a monthly statement in the newspaper of just how much money we have. It is our right to know, Mr. Mayor; it is our money. We need city council members to stand up to the mayor and do the job that they were elected to do and not be bullied by the mayor. The reporter was only reporting the truth.

Squeaky wheels

This is about the mayor's letter to the editor. The general public needs to know the wheeling and dealing going on in the city as far as benefits and increases for its employees. There is a lot of partiality and discrimination going on in the little town of Shamokin.

Highway robbery

Three years ago I had a colonoscopy at the Shamokin hospital. My insurance was billed for $3,000. I just had another simple colonoscopy at Shamokin hospital, now owned by Geisinger, and the bill was $10,000. I know technology has improved, but this is outrageous and highway robbery.

Real Gappers

Real Gappers don't use sidewalks. Real Gappers walk the streets.

If the suit fits

To the hundred or so people thinking about running for mayor of Mount Carmel: Be advised that, to qualify, you must fit the Santa Claus and Easter Bunny outfits and be able to ride on top of the fire truck without falling off.

Pay up

To all the people complaining about the exorbitant charges that Geisinger is charging: Somebody has to pay for Steele's $2 million salary - and it is the patients.

Trifecta town

More local humor. Forget about the people in Brady and Ranshaw. What about the people in Johnson City? That is three blocks past the zoo. All you old-timers should know that.

Hubba, hubba

Hey, Frog, I'll bet you you ain't got any women that look as good as that Alabama quarterback's girlfriend over there at The News-Item. If you do, let me know, but I don't think so. She is a looker, isn't she? Frog's take: Not to go all Brent Musburger on her, but she sure is!

'Merica's team

I am not a huge football fan or a big sports fan, but I do watch it now and then. I don't think it is fair to call one team "America's team." I think they are all America's teams and we should be proud of all of them. Frog's take: "America's team" sure as heck-fire ain't my team!

Red tape

Reading Sound Off about putting the National Guard in our schools to protect our students and teachers, plus the working people there, sounds like a very good idea. Everybody is broke and nobody wants more taxes. This may be worthwhile to look into if you can cut through the government red tape.


Life is to give, not to take.

Give it away

Why are we selling the lottery to the British firm? Don't Japan, China and Canada own enough of us? Give the whole U.S. away. Now they want a $2 fee to get into a casino. Don't they think the people will stop going and try to do something else to earn money for their retirement?

Darwin fail

After walking through Wal-Mart and observing some of the people who live in our surrounding towns, I have come to the definite conclusion that the theory of natural selection has now come to an end.

Last resort

The twinkle in the leprechaun's eye is the reflection from the pot of gold Brian Kelly will get for playing the NFL against the head coaching job at Notre Dame. Their fans' last resort is to always fall back on the graduation rate.

Many dependants

It is time to go to bed here on Sunday night. Got to get up at 6 in the morning to go to work because all those people on welfare are depending on me.