Good 2012, Coal Twp.

Coal Township commissioners deserve kudos for doing a good job in 2012. Unlike Point Township, what happens in Coal Township, you keep in Coal Township. You are always looking to make things better. You men, the solicitor and the township manager all work together. I am proud to use 17866 as my zip code. Keep up the good work in 2013.

Thanks, good person

To the person who helped me the day after Christmas in front of CVS when my car would not start: I want to thank you very much. There are still nice people in this world; it's just a shame there aren't a couple more.

Cut center expenses

I think senior centers should be combined and some of the wages and some of the people should be cut. I'm a senior citizen and I go to the center, but there's hardly anybody who comes. So, really, Mr. Bridy is right. Signing in and signing out would be a good idea. We are wasting money.

Smart geese

I see where the geese have been flying south the last two weeks over Wilburton. I saw flocks every day. I guess we're going to have a terrible winter. The geese are pretty smart; they're all leaving and flying south.

I have a weapon

I don't mind if you print my name in the paper for having a weapon in my house or that I can carry one in public. Why? Because all of the criminals will know: that's a house you don't burglarize. As someone who's required to carry a gun at work, I'd gladly let people know where I live.

Who cares?

How can an elected official not care that he violated a law?

Up Marshall Creek

It's very interesting to know that the water company has so much water in reserve that they can leave a water line up on Marshall Street broken for more than a month. It's just pumping water out. Whether it'd be the land owner or the water company's responsibility, it's a shame; all this water going down the sewer. We don't call it Marshall Street anymore; we call it Marshall Creek.

The best

Instead of all bad Sound Offs, here's something good: I think Cpl. Brown is the best cop Shamokin has ever seen, and a wonderful person. He needs to know he will never be forgotten. You will be missed.

No courtesy

Does anybody else notice that "please," "thank you," "hello," "good-bye," "good morning," "good night" are now rare occurrences? The more time people spend on computers, the less they are likely to extend a courtesy. It's just wrong. Frog's take: You're right. GN.

Remember the dogs

Remember to bring dogs in when it gets too cold. They like affection and warmth, too. It's not nice to let them sit outside 24 hours a day attached to a tree. They like to run, and mine likes a blanket.

County raises

Way to go, Commissioner Clausi. You're really fair to your employees. Five percent for the ones that you take care of and 2.5 percent for the rest. Frog's take: They should all be happy with those raises in these times.

Preventing fires

Since it is house fire season, let's get a few things straight: No. 1, the first of the year, please change your smoke detector batteries. No. 2, keep space heaters an appropriate distance away from anything that will burn. No. 3, never fill your kerosene heater while it's inside your house or when it's on. No. 4, have a safe new year, because I don't want my friends to have to come rescue you.

Free shoveling

I wanted to call in and tell you that a very nice boy yesterday cleaned off my walk and steps. I was very pleased, because we are older people. He wouldn't even take any money. I even had the money in my hand, but he would not take it. We have a lot of wonderful children in our town yet. You can't condemn everybody. Happy new year.

It takes two

I'm calling in regards to the person who says we should be blaming the Democratic Senate and president for not getting anything done and not the Republican party or the NRA. Well, I've got news for you. It takes both houses to pass something, so this Tea Party group is what is causing 90 percent of the problem because Boehner can't get them to go along with him, even though he's leadership.

Signed, anonymous

All the people who call into Sound Off seem to know everything, yet they don't have enough guts to write a letter to the editor and put their name to it. You'll say I'm doing the same thing, but the only reason I'm doing it is that it's the quickest way to get it in. By the time your letter gets in to respond to someone, they've long forgotten the original letter. Frog's take: You've confused me, Mr. Anonymous.