A good place

I think Club Echo is a good thing. They walk the kids out at the end and wait for the parents to pick them up and everything. I don't know why people are putting that place down because they are charging $5 admission. They have a good time there and it is a good place to go to.

Papa fail

According to The New York Times, more than half of American children born to young women under 30 are born out of wedlock. What we are seeing is the slow erosion of family as we've come to understand it. Children born outside of wedlock are reportedly more likely to suffer from poverty, failing in school or suffering emotional and behavioral problems. Mommies and daddies that choose to ignore their union are failing in every context of parental responsibility.

Trouble with trees

I have an answer for the disposal of the Christmas trees the borough didn't buy for the public. I happen to know a few of the councilmen own pickup trucks and, out of their own goodness, and for the good of re-election, just maybe they could pick up the trees in the town. Frog's take: I have a suggestion: You brought the tree into your home, you figure out how to get rid of it! Holy lightning, it's every year with this.

Taxpayer input

Just read an article regarding federal mandates and the requirement that once every five years cities that receive Community Development Block Grants submit a comprehensive plan to address their specific problems, concerns and needs. I wish our local officials would request taxpayer input regarding these items, or do they simply make these evaluations behind closed doors and submit them to the federal government? Frog's take: CDBG use typically requires a public hearing.

Stray tree

Since Mount Carmel isn't picking up Christmas trees and this isn't an election year, who do I call to remove a tree someone else put in front of my property?

Coroner conundrum

I see where Mr. Kelly is complaining about losing his deputies because they want full-time benefits. I say let them walk! I bet if you would advertise for some part-time coroner positions you would have a lot of interest from people with credentials who would be willing to work for no health benefits. Other counties, such as Schuylkill, pay the deputies per call and they have multiple coroners all over the county and it has been like this for years over there.

Social distortion

Please get rid of Sound Off. It is nothing but a gossip column and it is no good for the society. Get real!

Shovel ready

Now that all this extra revenue is being generated to fix the roads and bridges and they are talking about creating jobs, I am interested to see at a work site how many people are going to be propping themselves up against shovels and standing and watching. You are going to see a lot of wasted money go by here instead of using it for something we can really use it for.

Desperate times

I am calling about the guy who was arrested for stealing Spam from the dollar store in Mount Carmel. Spam? Spam? They should have just let him have it.

Crosstown traffic

I find it hypocritical that the liberal media is so willing to attack Gov. Christie over allegations that his administration created a traffic jam in New Jersey, yet they have no problem with Hillary Clinton saying "what difference does it make?" in reference to how four Americans died in Benghazi. Disgusting.