Lead by example

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch is a great example for all of today's politicians to emulate. He was not two-faced, untrustworthy or self-serving, nor did he deceive his constituents by making false or unfounded statements. Rest in peace, Mayor Koch. You worked hard to serve the people of your city.

Going old testament

Every Sunday I read Maresca's column and I wait for it: Bam! Obama! I honestly thought this Sunday was different. I read his whole piece, thinking how unusual that I was actually agreeing with him. Then, sure enough, the last two sentences. In 60 words or so, he went from an editorial guided by a purely rational, intellectual, secular thought process, to a parochial testament to the power of God. You just had to do it, Greg, didn't ya?

Mail musing

For as much mail as there is anymore, the mailman can pass twice a week. If a private industry took that over, it would be two days a week. They are making like there is so much mail. There isn't any.

Original gangsters

This is for the person who said our founding fathers were criminals. Well, I can tell you this: Thank God for those so-called criminals, because they gave you the right to speak about them as you just did.

Shipping, handling

I was reading the paper on Sunday morning and I really enjoyed the article on Etch a Sketch, because all four of my children had one during the 1960s. Then on a sour note, Etch a Sketch was made in Ohio until the year 2000; after that, production was shifted to China because of increasing costs. I think it was simply because of increasing greed.

Criminal minds

For the caller who referred to our founding fathers as a bunch of criminals: No discussion needed here, you are an idiot! Frog's take: You took the words out of my mouth.

No more jobs

If they go and sell the administration building, there is some more county employees who won't have a job.

No parking

In moving the county offices to the career center in Shamokin, I would like to know where everyone is going to park. The neighbors up there won't have any parking places. There are hardly any parking places now.

Trash and a half

What a trashy, tacky halftime show for the Super Bowl game. That kind of entertainment belongs at a men's club, not a football game. It certainly was not for young children to watch. Victoria Secret, here they come.

Eat crow

This is for the Giants fan who said the Ravens are never going to make the Super Bowl. Well, not only did they make the Super Bowl, the won the Super Bowl. Eat your words, and go Ravens.

Under the bus

Why is Gov. Corbett always throwing us under the bus? First he wants the British to take over the lottery; jobs are lost. Then he wants to get out of the liquor business; more jobs lost. Unemployment will soon be the norm for us in Pennsylvania.

Three for one

I understand our illustrious governor is going to put a package deal together with the Lottery, turnpike and liquor stores. If you buy all three he is going to throw in the Liberty Bell at no cost. What a great governor we have!