Internal talk

Why is all the talk so internal with these commissioners? This guy doesn't agree with me, so I'll slander him. Why can't they fight over the best company to fill these empty factories? Why cant they fight over how to build this county into something great?

In your face

President Obama's good friend, the founder of Facebook, earned $1.1 billion in profits in 2012 and will pay no federal or state income taxes, plus he will get more than a $400 million refund. It pays to be friends with President Obama.

Remember Ed?

Let's not forget about our last governor, Ed Rendell, who raised our state income tax and created 12 new taxes.

All responsible

Why does The News-Item continually print articles explaining and justifying Vinny's stance? He makes decisions, and we read what they are to form our own opinions. Should a paper be printing opinions or facts? This DCED thing is not a fiasco because someone voted on a bad idea; it's a fiasco because, once approved, it was handled inappropriately. Editor's note: First, we didn't raise the issue of Clausi's votes, he and Richard Shoch did. More importantly, we had stories that reported conflicting information, so we felt the need to explain. At the same time, we agree. It doesn't matter who did or did not vote for the program; it was approved and the entire county is responsible.

Fake wars

They forget about President Johnson's fake war, killing millions, including more than 58,000 Americans.

Women in combat

In Julie's article about women in combat, the information she gives is just not reality.

Fuzzy math

Regarding the Sound Off entitled "Black math," I think your math is an unfortunate oversimplification of a complex and highly nuanced subject. Over the past 30 years or so, special interests have compounded their wealth and stifled true dynamic capitalism. There's no rich half and poor half. Our current level of income inequality is at historic levels.

Not used to it

In response to "No mistaking it," maybe somebody didn't recognize the DUI checkpoint being that he wasn't used to it. Maybe you are.

Guns, water, cars

Why stop at banning matches when we can ban people that really kill a lot of people? We should ban water and cars. Do you realize how many people die because of water and cars. If it would save just one life. ...

Not really funny

It is so rude of all these people on TV who are making fun of that senator because he stopped during his speech to take a drink of water. I don't think there is anything humorous about that. I think it is a shame they are making fun of him.

Futile wars

For 10 long years we have poured billions of dollars into two futile wars. In the State of the Union speech, the president talked about investment in America. What wonderful news.

Letting go

If only the dogged senators who won't let go of Benghazi were as questioning about the Iraq War, thousands of lives and billions of dollars would have been saved.

Time on hands

Why is it a housing authority board member is spending so much time at the Harold Thomas High Rise in the evenings?

Lost it all

I am one of the owners of the houses that burned on Center Street in Mount Carmel. It you are so worried about cleaning up the eyesore, why don't you come down and give us hand? We lost everything, butthead. Come see me. I would be more than glad to talk to you.

For everyone

I read in The News-Item letter to the editor about enforcement of code laws in Mount Carmel. Borough officials should set an example by adhering to code violations on their own properties. The code laws are for everyone, even if you are deaf, blind and lack a sense of smell.


I would like to know who the idiot is who schedules these playoffs games. Five o'clock in the afternoon at Williamsport for Mount Carmel? How can they expect people to get to these games?