Easy access

I'm against making it easier to get booze. We used to discourage bad behavior like smoking, drinking and gambling, and now the state seems to want to make it more and more convenient. Don't get me wrong; I drink occasionally. But I don't think it should be made so easy that you can guzzle beer anytime, and then travel to your local corner store and buy more.

Would be both

To answer "Nobody's hero" question: Yes, you would be a hero. But you would also have been arrested.

Front lines

You really don't need to be in the trenches! Greg nailed it. "Combat is no place for a woman. Grunts know this. So do most women." As a nation, do we want to live with the intended and unintended consequences? Your service in a rear support unit, as always, is greatly appreciated by those on the front lines.


Just curious, but was Greg Maresca in the military? I'd think that to be just somewhat pre-requisite to opine about how folks would act, given different sets of circumstances. I know I've said it before, when I was in 'Nam, we had a number of gay guys in my small unit and it was never questioned. Not that I knew of. It was a non-issue. I'd have to think the same about women. Frog's take: Maresca served in the Marine Corps.

Who's who

A caller in Sunday's paper commented about the number of our legislators who are supported by the NRA. Also worth mentioning is the NRA's 76-member board of directors. It is laced with all sorts of gun company glitterati: owners, CEOs, directors and presidents - a veritable who's who of the manufacturers. Also worth mentioning: NRA lobbyist supreme LaPierre, just 12 years ago, passionately voiced the exact opposite of his views today, including, "...no guns in America's schools, period!"

Lifetime friends

To the four-of-a-kind doubter: You're wrong. I'm one of a group of 10. We've been friends since elementary school. Most of us see each other about once a month for lunch or supper. We go on trips together once or twice a year. We have summer picnics with all of the children and grandchildren, and now a few great-grandchildren. We support those who have lost a spouse and a child. I wish everyone could be as blessed as we are.

No problem

I hear some states are passing a law that says people on welfare will have to be drug-tested to receive money. I think Pennsylvania should be one of these states, and if people on welfare are using that money for good, they should have no problem with it. Frog's take: The state began a pilot program last year involving drug testing for welfare recipients. Schuylkill was among the counties trying it out. We'll have to check the status of the program.

Over hyped

I saw yesterday the director of the national weather service was on TV and he admitted the hype is getting ridiculous around every storm. He said it is getting so bad that every cloud is getting a name and becoming a super storm. People need to go back to sticking to the facts instead of hyping or over hyping because they want to outdo the next guy. Come on guys, stick to the facts. Frog's take: What else do we expect when their on TV 24 hours a day talking about the weather?

Pull the plug

Our governor says he needs revenue for bridges and highways. Now he wants to sell the lottery that supports older residents. Once that sale is done, who will stop any changes made that will hurt our people in Pennsylvania? What kind of bonuses will they give themselves? Yes, it is time to pull the plug on the lottery deal.

Bone up on history

This person who keeps calling in about our Founding Fathers and saying they were criminals: You really have to read your American history a lot more thoroughly. You say the King of England was the legal authority? Yes, he was the legal authority, because of "the golden rule." He had the gold, so he ruled. He was a tyrant, mister, so we rebelled against unjust rule.

Here comes the sun

I would like to thank the Mount Carmel Borough Council and the highway department for saving the taxpayer money on rock salt this year by using environmentally friendly solar snow removal. Thank you.

Social engineering

Sorry, Julie. After reading both sides of the argument, I have to agree with Greg. The military is no place for social engineering or experiments in political correctness. Lives depend on readiness, and the physiological differences between men and women cannot be denied.