Once united

I am calling to answer the one person who called. Where was this person all these years? Coal Township and Shamokin were once united. Now they are divided. They have their own ZIP codes.

Jerk contest

The caller may think that Rand Paul is a big jerk, but the biggest jerks in Washington are the Democrats who voted for Obamacare. They didn't care about their constituents. They only cared about their party bosses.

One way

When are the City of Shamokin and Coal Township going to declare a snow emergency before some of these streets become one-way streets? It is going to be fun getting emergency vehicles through some streets.

Unwise move

I can't believe Weis Markets discontinued the insert in the Sunday paper. I've always checked the flyer before shopping, but now I can't do that. So I won't be shopping there anymore. There are other grocery stores in the area and that's where I'll be going. Wake up, Weis. Frog's take: We are encouraging readers to call the local stores to voice their opinion.

Super girl

Got to hand it to my paper girl. No matter what the weather, no matter how slippery and cold it is out there, I have my paper in hand by five o'clock in the morning. She does one heck of a good job. It shows her parents gave her a good work ethic. She actually cares. She wraps my paper and puts it a bag and everything. Good job.

Risky business

Sen. Tom Cruise is a Marxist just like his father. Frog's take: No, he is an actor/scientologist/short guy.

Flat Stanley

I would like to just warn the people out there with flat roofs. If we get any significant amount of rainfall it might prove to be too much for your roof with that extra weight.

Super saver

I think it is ridiculous that Weis is taking the circular out of The News-Item. I do all my shopping, as do all my friends, by looking at the circular, looking at what is on sale and using coupons. I guess I'll have to stop shopping at Weis and go to Giant and Boyer's. Not everyone likes to use a computer to see what is on sale.

First it giveth

Ten million people are signed up for Obamacare and more will becoming insured every day. Will the 2016 Republican presidential campaign slogan be, "We want to take away your health insurance"?

Sunday morning

I really do like to shop at Weis and the first thing I look for in the Sunday paper is the specials. I am disappointed that it is going to be taken out of the paper. I hate the thought of having to go to another store because I can plan my meals from their ads. I hope that Weis changes their mind.

Saddle up

They say we cannot saddle our grandchildren with debt; however, we are saddling them with failing infrastructure, power grids, airports and ports. We must upgrade these systems, not only because they are old, but also because they cannot withstand the superstorms that cost us billions each year. New engineering is required, and it puts people back to work.

Switch hitter

I am calling in reference to the Weis grocery stores not putting their circular in our paper anymore. Well, I was always a Weis shopper, but now I will just have to check the other stores that put their circulars in.

Three cheers to Bing

I would like to say hats off to Mayor Cimino for reinstating snow clearing on Oak Street in between Sixth and Seventh. It has been more than 20 years since the borough has done this for the residents on this block. Great job, Mr. Mayor. You are doing a great job and the people really appreciate your efforts.