Runs like a Deere

City of Shamokin requires residents to clear walks of snow within 24 hours or you are fined, and if you use any type of plow you must pay the city in order to be able to clear your walks. What about a plow on a lawn tractor? Frog's take: Their point is to have commercial operations permitted and to avoid large mounds of snow piled up at intersections by vehicles large enough to do so. If you can't do that with your lawn tractor and you're not taking money for your work, you probably won't need a permit.

Love thy neighbor

I live in the township and I thought that was great that they helped Shamokin with the salt. After all, school children ride the buses and it's for their safety. What's wrong with people? Everyone should support and help one another. That's the problem today; no one cares anymore. When I was growing up, neighbor helped neighbor, especially when it snowed. If you had an elderly neighbor, we would shovel, even cut their grass. Stop being so selfish.


I recommend to anyone that finds a dog or cat to take it to a vet or shelter and have the animal scanned for a micro chip. This is a free service. Most pets are micro-chipped when spayed or neutered.

Move along

You know what ticks me off at the checkouts? These women who have to have everything in their purses just right and even zipped up before they move away. When you get your change, credit card or whatever back, move away from the checkout to fix everything in your purse so the next woman can get waited on.

Helping hands

I would like to thank all the people in Shamokin who helped me when I fell on Friday afternoon at the Turkey Hill on Second Street. I have had double knee replacement and you cannot use your knees to get up, so I would have been stuck if there weren't some great people who showed up to help me up.

Straight lines

Did anybody happen to read the article on Mr. Etch A Sketch that was in the American Profile insert? It is amazing, the drawings he does. He drew a squirrel in a tree and it was so detailed. I could only ever draw straight lines.

Snow miser

The guy up on Marshall Street, he thinks he is a contractor but he doesn't have much business. He does plow certain areas on his block. Then he goes up to his garage and gets these cones that the city uses for no parking. He puts these all over for his family to park. Is this right? This guy has to learn where to dump his snow at.

Enjoy Coke

Frog, I am with you about these people who are calling and complaining about the "American, the Beautiful" commercial. I enjoyed it. I mean, America is a melting pot. When people come by the Statue of Liberty she has her arms open to all nationalities. Just the fact that someone could sing "America the Beautiful" in their language just shows what a wonderful country we are. For those who don't like it, I give up. Frog's take: I am sure those folks who sang in that commercial were well compensated by the Coca-Cola Corporation. I didn't like it, but it is nothing to get upset about.

Loose change

There is another example of money well spent: $600 an hour for a psychiatrist to talk to that kid. I'll talk to him and, I'll tell you, it wouldn't even last an hour - and you would get change.