Light 'em up

A message for all those who drive in the rain, snow and fog without their vehicle lights turned on: Please stay home and only drive when the sun is shining. If you don't have enough common sense to turn your lights on, I see no reason to believe you have enough sense to operate a vehicle in less than ideal conditions.


I am calling about the person who said about the fat nurses at Geisinger. Little does this person know that we were subjected to goals to lose a certain amount of weight in a certain time, otherwise our insurance went up. Mine went up $40 a paycheck (every two weeks). So, it is not just the general public. Our husbands and our family are going to be subjected to the same thing within the next year.

Blame him

If people are wondering why no industries want to do business with Northumberland County, you can point the finger, in my opinion, at Vinny Clausi.

Sit back

I would like to know what is Commissioner Shoch's job? To sit back, do nothing and watch Clausi and Bridy try to straighten the county out, and if they make a mistake he is there to criticize them? We don't need someone like that in this county.

Fund dump

As a taxpayer in Northumberland County, I request that Commissioner Clausi at his news conference this Wednesday, or shortly thereafter, give a detailed report regarding his role in the DCED payback of grant funds. Also, the adult social services and planning department be mandated to present a list of the unqualified individuals given grant money and the staff responsible for such incompetence.

Poverty line

I got a kick out of the person ridiculing people for making $25,000 a year. Obviously, you are a rich Republican, because what you don't understand if you are married and you make $25,000 a year you qualify as poverty and you qualify for food stamps. Guys, it is not a livable wage. People should stop ridiculing the poor and help them up.

Stone-age system

I agree with The News-Item editorial. Liquor sales in Pennsylvania should be privatized. This archaic system, which has been eliminated in almost every state, has to go. This belongs in the private sector.

Pumped up kicks

I would like to thank the parents who didn't look into why their son has a new pair of sneakers. My son inadvertently left his behind after a SYBL practice at St. Mary's. His classmate showed up with them at school later that week. Thanks for teaching my 12-year-old son not to trust those around him. Frog's take: The classmate not only stole them but wore them to school? Sounds like a real Einstein.

See the light

Just a thank you to Commissioner Shoch who has brought to light things that should have been.

Just a game

I just wanted to say that I think it is terrible that the Kansas City Chiefs played Sunday after losing their linebacker Saturday. It just enforces how screwed up this world is and how screwed up everybody's priorities are. I just cannot believe they played that football game.

Be humane

The ad about the missing cat is heartbreaking. Someone knows where this cat is. Common courtesy, as well as empathy for both the cat and the owner, should move you to call the number. Be humane.

Not all nuts

I hope all the people in Northumberland County aren't nuts. There is the commissioner trying to solve your money problems and they are condemning him. He looked out for taxpayers when there was evidence that someone was watching pornography during work.

Christmas miracle

This is Sharon calling from the Coney Island. I want to thank the very special lady who saw my two bulldogs walking down the street and had the kindness to pick them up and take them home. You don't know how much our Christmas prayers were answered. Thanks to her and others who helped look. God bless.

Fiscal meltdown

The Obama administration's latest proposal for adverting a fiscal meltdown is a joke. Rather than offering a round of spending cuts, the Obama plan calls for a new wave of stimulus spending on top of $1.6 trillion in tax hikes.