No surprises

Dear Mayor-elect Milbrand: The people of Shamokin voted you in as the incoming mayor. We hope there are no surprises. I know the city is a financial mess, but this should not be the taxpayers' burden. We were burdened long enough and we are still five mills over what we should be. Cut back in other areas. Don't cut into the taxpayers' pocketbook.

Big boys

This is to the comment about the Mount Carmel football program. One of your readers responded about how great the eighth-grade team did at Mount Carmel. Congratulations to them. Any time you go undefeated and put up the kind of scores they did is impressive. But one thing you have to remember about Mount Carmel's eighth-grade or junior high football program is, each year they do very well because you have kids who are 15 and 16 years old playing against kids that are 13 and 14 due to the number of kids that are red-shirting. I know of a minimum of 10 kids that are going to red-shirt at Mount Carmel who will be repeating eighth-grade just for sports. Yes, those kids will do well, but when they get to high school, it all balances out and they usually don't do very well.

It's working

The Affordable Care Act is working. Unemployment is now at 7 percent, and we have had 47 months of straight economic growth. Good job.

Bite the bullet

The City of Shamokin's debt has gotten out of control because our city fathers didn't do their homework. They listened to what our city clerk had to say and things looked good. Now it is too late to turn things around. They might have to look at declaring bankruptcy. I hope our new city fathers will bite the bullet and make the cuts on spending, like the city swimming pool.

Bum rush

I just read Saturday morning's headline. Why don't all these bums go back to where they came from? No wonder our towns are in such a mess. Sunbury, Kulpmont, Mount Carmel, Shamokin. Everything is a mess. Let them all go back to where they came from.

Angels of death

I just read about the husband in the murder in Sunbury. I don't care, confessions or not, they should get death. They planned it, they tried it before, death.

Earned it

Congratulations to the Old Forge football team. You certainly have shown everyone what a good football team is. You have earned and deserve to go to the state final in Hershey on Friday. Good luck.