Time for reform

I see where the county is raising taxes and so are two local municipalities. When are the people of this state going to wake up and demand property tax reform? All the politicians do when they misspend money is raise taxes on the working people who are just trying to survive. There is a property tax reform bills out there.

Good complaints

Conscious complaining doesn't make you feel worse. Rather, it can have the opposite effect, since it breaks through stagnation and actually serves as "quick lube for your soul." Some feel complaining as non-acceptance of what is and invariably carries an unconscious negative charge. While it may be true that when we complain we make ourselves victims, sometimes it just feels so good; and that is why we all love Sound Off.

Let us pay

Judge Saylor should be ashamed granting Shamokin this loan. He nor his family must live here. This loan will set a precedent. Our children and grandchildren will have to find and pay tax money to pay this loan. It's appalling. We are living the problem; we should pay the consequences for electing these bums, not our children.

Dirty job

Attention Mayor-elect Milbrand: You have three weeks before you go into office. The pressure is on. The taxpayers put you in. No taxes; let the city get out of its own mess. We, the people, voted for you, now don't let us down. You have a big job and we have faith in you. Show us how gutsy you are. We are trusting you. Be another Vinny Clausi.


Great column, Jenna. I am usually laughing at some of your stories, but you had me crying this time, girl.

Merge and become...

How to get rid of Kulpmont's financial problems? Merge with Mount Carmel and get rid of the Kulpmont council, who only know how to spend someone else's money. Also, charge the slumlords $200 a unit until they fix their properties. Mergers are coming.

Grief counseling

I read Jenna's column every time she writes and she is such a wonderful writer. She talks about her beliefs in her column about her brother dying. I also had brother that died and I miss him terribly. By reading her column, I know the grief and she understands the grief and gets it out to the people. I think she is wonderful, and she has wonderful columns. I especially liked reading her column at Christmastime.

Talking shop

At the hair salon there is rarely political conversation, except on my last visit where the discussion was about Rush Limbaugh's comment about the pope being a Marxist.

Stand up

Finally, John Boehner seems to be able to stand up to the extremist in his party.

'Tis the season

At this time of the year, I experience joy as I see the Christmas decorations and hear all the wonderful Christmas music. The love of family and friends is very noticeable. A special joyous spirit prevails. This is a result of the true meaning of Christmas. I am talking about the birth of our savior, Jesus. In our chaotic world, the joy of Christmas is out there. Focus on Him and you will find it. Merry Christmas to all.

Running joke

Sound Off has become just as much of a joke as Shamokin city Council with Frog's takes being as credible as Steve Bartos' financial advice. You obviously don't live on any main roads around here or you wouldn't be making statements about the trucks. These guys impede the city, there is no police to control them and they just tear up everything. You must be in the trucking business, brother.

Save the article

Jenna, I wanted to tell you that it was a beautiful article you had in the paper Thursday. It has only been a year for us and, like you said, it is harder than anybody could imagine. I will definitely save this article. Thank you very much, dear.