Bravest face

In the face of unbelievable brutality, the Palestinians still bravely resist the invading Israelis. If the Palestinians were Jews or Christians, I'm sure we'd be helping them instead of rearming Israel to continue the slaughter. The Israelis sure are practicing their right of self defense, and then some.

Dead as history

Defending the Constitution, promoting free enterprise, protecting individual liberties, maintaining a stronger military, controlling our borders, reducing the size of government agencies and their oppressive new regulations, accessing our plentiful natural resources and addressing any and all tax reform. But sadly, it appears all these things are the most despised by the current president and his administration. Is it un-American to believe in these things?

Wish in one hand

Imagine if the moderate, average Republicans would go to the Democrats and say we will vote with you to get something done, leaving the extremists behind. Allowing 30 tea party right-wingers to stand in the way of success is a detriment to the country.

Bite the hand

Regarding Israel, why are we negotiating peace and sending more weapons at the same time?

Empty pockets

If you build a new building in Kulpmont, there will be no money left for cops because you are going to have to raise taxes for the new building.


It is a good thing Congress has a five-week vacation. They must be exhausted.

Knock it off

The United States should stop trying to organize a peace treaty between Hamas and Israel. The United States does not negotiate with terrorists and Hamas is a terrorist organization. We should stop negotiating with them all together.

Bedazzled fingernails

I don't know why everybody is surprised about Obama and the EPA clamping down on the coal industry. The man said it way back in 2008 that he would bankrupt coal plant operators. The problem is there were too many morons dazzled by his smile and listening to that hope and change crap.


I think it is disgusting that the Sheetz in Lewisburg is selling gas for $3.35, yet around here our gas is $3.59. It is Pennsylvania and we are all paying the same tax on gas; the gas should be the same. I think they are really trying to rip us off.

Will do

For the guy looking for the dream job where he can make almost a $100,000 a year, sit on his butt and do nothing, and get a month's vacation, why don't you just become a state representative?

Enemy within

On the subject of illegal aliens, remember the story of the Trojan horse. Please, America, beware so we are not destroyed from within our own country.

Crack the sky

I see the councilmen in Kulpmont are giving the people of Kulpmont the old rigmarole like they did the Kulpmont High School - this is cracked and that is cracked. Then when they got out of there, they made it a nursing home.

Happy holidays

I really believe that people on Bunker Hill believe in Christmas in July. On Dewart Street and Vine Street they are putting their chairs out to save parking places. I guess we are just waiting for the snow.


I am calling about the $225 million our government has voted to give Israel for the construction of a so-called Iron Dome. We currently give millions a week to Israel as it is. Social Security and Medicare are in jeopardy and we a financing millions daily to help Israel. American apathy always amazes me. Where is the outrage?

Close knit

A mother and daughter team are caught dealing heroin in Shamokin and our magistrate lets them out on $5,000 unsecured bail. Are you kidding me? Also, the daughter lives in the Raspberry Hill projects. She should be immediately kicked out. That housing should be for law-abiding citizens.

Serve and protect

Nice to see the Mount Carmel Police Department is on the job protecting the paper girls in the middle of the morning. That is a good thing. That just shows how well they protect our children and homes while we try to sleep. Good job, Chief Owens and all your men.

Something to see

The fantastic fireworks at Holy Angels picnic were something to see. We had terrific seats and the fireworks were right over our heads. They were beautiful. Good job, Holy Angels, and the food wasn't half-bad, either.

Mine is mine

How does Kulpmont figure they are going to save money when they just raised my taxes? Whose money are they saving? Mine or theirs?