Race tragedy

I am calling about the accident Saturday night where a young man was killed. I think the racing world has to wake up. Impose severe penalties, the ones drivers understand. A suspension for the next three races and a NASCAR suspension plus points lost for any altercation on the track.

Everybody is wrong

This is in reference to all the people being crazy in Kulpmont. Have you ever thought that the people in Kulpmont are right and everybody else is wrong?


I can't believe Richard Curran, who murdered his wife nine years ago and was declared incompetent to stand trial four different times, has the nerve and is now competent to petition the courts to force his young children to visit him in prison. Those children were only 3 and 7 years old when he took their mother away from them so terribly. If they want to visit him, fine, but don't force them to. He is ridiculous.

Better spent

I think it is ridiculous that the City of Shamokin is even considering a match for the Claude Kehler Park where they have to actually match $150,000. Isn't there something better they can do with $150,000 instead of putting it into the Claude Kehler Park?

Sock it to me?

If Watergate happened today, all the guilty parties would plead the Fifth and Nixon would go on all the late night comedy shows and make fun of everybody.


I am just curious. What business is left in Shamokin for the meter person to target now that Harry's will be gone?

How long?

I don't know how long it is going to take them to finish this sewage treatment plant. I am not sure. Just a note, the Empire State Building was built and occupied in 11 months. What is taking so long with this and what is it going to cost?

Mixed nuts

Most likely, the person who thinks all people are crazy must be a nut himself. If you ask me, this person needs help more than anyone. Most likely they are broke or drunk.

I wonder

I wonder what the people complaining about Israel defending itself think about Syria murdering hundreds of thousands of children and people.

Who's next?

And so it begins. A dress shop in Bloomsburg refuses to serve two lesbians that want to buy two wedding dresses for their marriage because it's against the shop owner's belief. So what's next? No selling to Jews? They crucified Jesus, you know. Then no blacks? Marked by God, according to the Old Testament. Then those that eat shellfish? See Leviticus. What's next? Once we start to go down this slippery slope, anyone can discriminate against everyone else and justify it by using select quotes from the Bible.

War within

The world is always at war with Christ and His Church, and the worldly within the Church are always in an unholy alliance with the world.

Sides of a coin

Maresca has got to go. We need more Walt Brasch and less Greg Maresca, please!