Building bridges

I know where the city can come up with the money for the foot bridge in the Fifth Ward: Bartos can donate his $9,000 raise and his wife can give back her $2.500.

Price is wrong

I, too, think that $12,000 for a bridge is too much. Why not have the vocational school students build it under the direction of a licensed builder, and then have the state certify it? It could be made of treated lumber and could stand for years. There are wooden bridges in Knoebels Grove that stood through two floods without problem.

What he said

I would love to know precisely what Glenn Beck said that made the caller tell him to hang his head in shame.

The quiet life

I am calling again to ask the man on Pine Street in Kulpmont to keep his dog quiet. He lives across the street from a large apartment building filled with elderly people who like peace and quiet. We do not want to listen to your dog bark 24 hours a day. Frog's take: While I'd like to think everyone reads Sound Off, it's possible your neighbor doesn't. You might want to tell him yourself.

Who lives where

Vinny states in his letter that the Bartos family lives in Mount Carmel and does not live in Shamokin. I would point that neither does he resides in Shamokin, so why is he worrying about it?

Don't stop, Vinny

Three cheers for Vinny Clausi. At least someone is exposing what is going on in Shamokin. Steve Bartos and city officials are attacking Vinny because he made their misuse of tax dollars public. Spending a half-million dollars on medical benefits for elected officials who work a few hours a week is a big ripoff. Did council raise our taxes because they wanted to make sure they had the money to pay for their own medical benefits? Don't stop, Vinny, until you have cleaned out city hall.

One more time

The person called in about the City of Shamokin crying for money everyday; you said it seems like nobody in this town is paying taxes. Well, duh, people aren't working. We have welfare bums sponging off the system, living off ACCESS cards and so forth. You think they are paying taxes? Even if they were required to pay taxes, they wouldn't. They want to spend the money on cigarettes, tattoos and piercings.

Making lemonade

I am calling about "Non-committed." They were talking about morals and old-fashioned values and single parenting. Do they ever think that some people do not want to be a single parent, that the spouse left them with the kids? You don't always get what you want in life. Do they ever think of that? You have to endure what life hands you.

Analog kid

These computers made these kids so lazy today it is terrible. All they do is sit in the house and play with their joysticks. Years ago we used to be outside playing football and baseball on Saturdays and Sundays. Today the kids are too lazy to get outside and play and get a job. This computer era made them lazy.

Smoky burnouts

This is for the young people with cars. There is a new recreation area that used to be called the municipal parking lot. You can come down at night and play football, litter and spin your tires and keep people awake. It is a great thing. Maybe you should stop down.

Measles or chicken pox?

From the looks of the delinquent property tax list, the slum landlords aren't paying their property taxes. They get their HUD rent and don't pay taxes. Pick one: An empty house next to you or a house full of scumbags.


If Obamacare is so great, why are politicians exempting themselves from it?

System has failed

There are too many unpaid property taxes. We need a better system to collect. We who pay our taxes are keeping this city functioning with police, fire protection and basic needs of the community. We struggle to pay our taxes and everyone else should do the same. I am totally disgusted.

God's gifts

I look forward to receiving my Tuesday News-Item. The happy birthday children give me much joy as a look on each pretty face smiling at me. I thank God that single mothers did not abort their precious babies and they celebrate their birthdays by sharing their cute photos to make my day. God bless them.

Singled out

This is for "Single love." What would your pastor think of you and an unmarried parent? Oh, I forgot. This is the 21st century. You don't have a pastor or go to church.