Excuse to loot

I realize the people of Ferguson, Mo., are up in arms about the killing of this young boy, but they took this as a reason to smash the store windows and steal whatever they could. This isn't a riot; it is a chance to loot the stores. That had nothing to do with the killing of that young boy.

Dear Lord

To all you atheists out there, if you don't believe in our God, don't worry about to whom we pray.

The message

How can someone on drug court text drug deals and drive to meet the informant and have his buddy deliver the drugs? What message is this sending to the community? That you can do whatever you want as long as you cooperate with the cops?

A good read

Please don't poison any cats; but a feral cat, even in two years, can have a lot of kittens. Spay, trap, neuter and all of those things, but while you are doing that, there are many good shelters all around and a wonderful book by a Sunbury author, "A Field Study of Cats." April Rhodes-James is the author. You can get it online, and I got mine at the Sunbury Animal Hospital.

Fault of borough

I am calling regarding some of the problems at Mount Carmel Borough with the funds. Part of this has to be the fault of borough council. A few years ago they dismissed the former borough manager and treasurer and rid the borough of all the expertise they had in running the office. They should have had somebody trained before they did that.

Season's greetings

A greeting card from President Obama to Gov. Perry might say, "Welcome to my world."

LM spending

The created position at Line Mountain for the athletic director was $63,000 a year. Now they hired someone new for that position, also. The psychologist was going to leave the district and they asked what he needed to stay and he said $11,000 to $17,000, and they gave it to him.

Nothing but trouble

It is about time that the city fathers get with the program. They have overtaxed the homeowners in our area until they no longer can stay in their homes. Now in move the slumlords, bringing with them undesirables. Wake up. You have big problems.

The end

To the caller who said Shamokin should use the grant money for a bike trail between Shamokin and Ranshaw, study your geography. Shamokin ends at Vine Street.

Run through

When is something going to be done with these kids who are riding bikes, scooters and skateboards on the sidewalk in downtown Shamokin? You walk out of a place of business and they run right into you. This is ridiculous. They stopped the loitering in town and now you have this.

Take a look

All of the talk about teachers salaries going up and yet Line Mountain is one of the lowest in the state. Maybe they should take a look at the administrators and the amounts in raises they have gotten over the past four years.