Simple solution

Obama wants to cut Social Security benefits and Medicare? Stop sending money overseas.

Now who's talking?

To all the sooth-sayers out there, I quote, "Republicans are going to attack your Social Security." You've been saying this for decades and decades. Now look at the headlines: "Obama proposes cuts to Social Security for 2014." Give me a break already. See what he is for real.

Check the sources

The Obama administration denied victims of the Fort Hood Attack the medals they deserve indirectly by not calling it what it was, an act of war. A Jihadist penetrated the system, completed his mission and is now a hero in world of Jihad. American soldiers, especially these victims, are spit on as usual. Don't believe the shooter was connected to a terrorist organization? Go read any media sources' reports on the attack.

Underfunded we fail

The theme of Millersville University students protesting Gov. Corbett's scheduled appearance as the graduation speaker and requesting the college to replace him. A sure sign of the governors low popularity, failure as a leader, poor fiscal manager, unpopular proposals and budget cuts and a difficult road ahead for re-election.

Spanish inquisition

Yes, we have homosexuals and heterosexuals, but we also have homonyms, homophones and heterographs and heteronyms. With that being said, let's all learn Spanish.

Safe home

A new prison with more cells would provide more jobs. We all know where there is about 6,500 acres of county property that is ideal and we already own it. Do not pay Aqua for land and ruin pristine watershed. The other property would be better used than for the AOAA. Land that is safe for the AOAA is safe for a prison.

Can't afford it

Vinny's answer to the mismanaged county prison is not to fire those mistreating the prisoners or replace the well-paid management companies providing substandard services. Instead he wants to raise our taxes to build a prison we can't afford and probably don't need. How much would it cost to repair the prison?

Not the reason

Although I am not supportive of a new county prison, it is ridiculous to believe the state prison is the reason our town has gone downhill. There is no industry to keep people living in this area. Mount Carmel Borough alone has 300 landlords and 560 rental units. If these properties are not maintained, they revert into slums. Thanks for the state prison, its employees and other businesses that support its existence.

Just wow

Wow! Heart-pounding, energetic, dramatic and drenched in talent. Those are just a few words to describe SAHS's presentation of Jekyll & Hyde this weekend.

Mirror, mirror

Frog, have you been to the new religion store in the mall of subjectivism? The store is new but uses an old marketing plan that was developed in Eden. Available for purchase is every kind of religion one could possibly think of. They have you pick the one you like and then they sell it to you. And those many faces of God that are available, whoever thought of that idea for selling mirrors will probably be promoted.

Pothole city

I would like to ask this question to the mayor and city council: You have this money to invest over there at the Kehler park, which isn't even being used. How about trying to fix the streets? Bunker Hill is a mess with potholes all over. Frog's take: The city is seeking grant funding for the park upgrades.


I worked 45 years of my life and Obama wants to cut Social Security? Why doesn't he mention people on Medicaid forever who never worked a day in their lives and get everything for free? This is disgusting.

Must answer

If and when Hillary Clinton decides to run for president, I hope she can answer what happened in Benghazi. We lost some people there and she said it was no big deal. If she lost her daughter there would it be a big deal.