Big Brother is us

"1984" has arrived. More than 2,000 photos and videos were sent to police that helped them capture two terrorists. Surprise, surprise. Big Brother isn't big government. Big Brother is us.

No idea

In response to accountability issue with Mr. Matulewicz in Saturday's Sound Off: You have no idea what you are talking about. If you would attend the borough meetings, you would know where the accountability belongs. Mr. Matulewicz is working hard on a lot of financial issues to make things right for the betterment of Mount Carmel.


A recent Sound Off suggesting the prison be built in Herndon just reinforces the fact that a prison, even a county prison, is not a very popular idea. So why would Clausi propose spending $60 billion to build an even bigger prison when we could spend so much less to repair the existing prison?

Dirty deeds

Driving to work this morning and I can't tell you how many people I've seen throwing their cigarette butts out their windows. I live on a busy street and I'm the one guy who sweeps his sidewalks and gutters, and I'm constantly picking up cigarette butts. You know this is littering, and I wish the police would start fining these people. Just because you have a dirty, filthy habit doesn't mean everyone else should have to put up with your ignorance.

Over the coals

I just read the article on LATS and how Tony Matulewicz is roasting King Coal over the coals, to say the least. If these bills were audited and Tony Matulewicz and the council approved them, why are they going back at them now? Why is there no mention of the former borough manager and the former secretary who ran this as to what was going on with the bills, and where are the records that they should have been keeping? I don't Mount Carmel Borough should be running this service. If the county or PennDOT wants to run it, great.

Stand your ground

Thank you, Rich Kashnoski, for establishing a swim booster private bank account. Do not turn it over to the general fund. Stand your ground.

Drowning in cost

I understand that the students at Shamokin Area are paying $1.65 for a bottle of water in the cafeteria. If that is true, that is highway robbery. Wake up, school board, and check into this.

Past practice

Mount Carmel council is blaming past practice for the $1 million in back pension owed. Council President Matulewicz has been in office for almost eight years.

Kids were great

Congratulations to the music department at Lourdes for the most delightful, foot-tapping concert on Friday night. The kids were fabulous.


Regarding the horror in Boston, Barney Frank made a profound statement: Since we are a country that values freedom and liberty, we will always take the first punch.

Arrested again

I see that another drug dealer with a prior felony conviction was arrested once again. How long are they going to screw around with these guys?

Road to hell

I just hope that when it is all said and done, the bomber from Boston gets a one-way ticket to Gitmo where he belongs. Frog's take: I hope he gets a one way ticket to where the sun don't shine.