Pay to play

Pay to play is an excellent idea. The taxpayers pay for kids to get an education. Afterschool activities should be paid for by the parents. It's no different than ballet classes, ceramic classes and soccer. If they don't want to pay, then don't pay. Furthermore, taxpayers who don't have children or children in school shouldn't be paying taxes. It's time for parents to step up and pay.

Same definition

You may be correct. This may describe Mr Getchey, but more scary, it's a more precise and exactly correct definition of Vinny, and unfortunately, he runs the whole county this way, not just the school board. Your definition was perfect, an old-time politician who believes that if you say something loud enough and often enough, people will start to believe it. Every time he does something wrong, he goes into a tirade and looks to blame someone else.

No stereotyping

This concerns the article about the pit bull. First of all, don't stereotype the pit bull. All dogs were once bred from the wild. My ex has a pit bull who is friendly to everybody, including perfect strangers. It's how you raise and train that dog that makes the difference.

The wrong people

You are asking the wrong people about what's wrong with the city of Shamokin. The people who are answering these questions are the problem. All you have to do is find out the population of Shamokin and what you are paying the policemen for the salaries and pensions. That's is what is causing the problem. Why ask the chief of police?

Like it is

The only reason people don't like Vinny Clausi is he tells it like it is. People have listened to these politicians for 30 years, and they were lied to. Now someone is telling them the truth, and they can't handle it.

Consider this

Empty heads make the most noise.

Just four voting

What happens the next time Shamokin City Council meets for an important vote and there are only four people there? Suppose the vote is 2-2. What happens then?

Police audit

If the police department wants an audit, why don't they audit their own department? Have an audit of all the money, drugs and firearms that were collected in raids.

Doggie doodoo

In case anybody hasn't noticed, there is a new bathroom for doggies in Kulpmont at the walking track. Feel free to bring your dogs there between 5 and 7 and let them do their business. The best part is, you don't have to clean it up.

Police cruiser

They're talking about eliminating a third shift for the police department. On Friday night, there was a Shamokin police cruiser riding around in Coal Township up and down Walnut Street. If they have time to do that, I don't see why they have to be on duty in Shamokin. Walnut Street in Coal Township is not their jurisdiction, so they might as well do away with the shift. Frog's take: Could it be that the Shamokin cruiser was responding to a mutual aid call in the township?

Land confiscation

Why is the Democratic federal government continuing to confiscate state-owned lands? They are like communist Russia. First, they said the land was an endangered turtle species. Now we learned a failed solar company wants it. Let the cattle graze. The world needs food.

Made in China

I see where Fiat and Chrysler are going to build vehicles in China. More American jobs lost to China.

Don't have it to give it

Frog, doesn't Chief Griffiths think it's time for the city to get back on its feet again? You can't get back on your feet by giving the police and city workers everything they want. This has to stop somewhere. You can't keep giving things you don't have.

Maresca column

Happy Easter. Kudos to Greg Maresca for his column, "Journey to the cross." God bless.

Bad parking decisions

I realize it's Easter, and I congratulate everyone who is going to church. However, when is someone going to stop people from parking hanging out over the corner and up against the fire hydrant at Holy Angels? There are parking spaces elsewhere, and there is parking in the back. I could barely get around the corner with my car. What would happen if an emergency vehicle had to get through? Kulpmont has to do something. Who is going to assume responsibility if someone dies?

Chestnut Street signs

I see they put those signs back on Chestnut Street in Kulpmont. Maybe we should just have classes at borough hall to teach people how to cross streets on their own.

Helping hand

Everybody is seeking entitlements. If you need a helping hand, it's right there at the end of your arm. Use it. Get a job. Quit crying.