Don't spoil them

I see in the paper that Line Mountain wants to put a central heating system and air conditioning in for the little kiddies. Think about it. When I was in school, you had to crank out the windows because you were sweating your butt off. In the winter, you huddled around the heater to stay warm. Let's stop being some mamby-pandy with these little kids. Frog's take: Don't you think children would concentrate better on their studies if they are comfortable? Are you such a hardy person that you don't turn the heat up or the air conditioner on?

Spring is here

I just saw a robin today. It was the first robin I saw this spring. I saw it in my yard. It was sitting on top of my Elvis Presley garden statue. I look at the statue every morning, and there it was. It was sitting right on top of the Big El. Frog's take: Any day Elvis gets a mention in Sound Off counts as a good day.

Iron and steel

I just read in the newspaper that Obama has our government just like the iron and steel businesses. The Senate takes in ironing, and the legislators steal, right? I am right. Yes, indeed.

Good Friday

The sermon Father Karawacki wrote for Friday's edition was very interesting and enlightening. I now realize Jesus in the pouring of the blood has so much meaning because He shed His blood.

Don't judge

We the people have a right to live our lives the way we want. No one has a right to judge another's life. Perhaps if there was more compassion and prayer, we would feel better about ourselves. Judge not, lest we be judged. Condemning others is not the way.

Liquor stores

Pennsylvania-operated liquor stores are soon to be operated by private enterprise. I pity those who will be put out of work, especially those who have been employed by the state most of their lives. For the first time in their lives, they might actually have to do something to earn a living.

Thank God

The bottom line argument of many people is they oppose same sex marriage because their religion says so. Sorry, but it doesn't work that way in this country. Thank God or whomever.

Down their noses

I'm sure Dennis Rodman didn't do anything to make North Korea hate us. You are so stupid, all these national events that you could reduce to the lowest common denominator of Rodman. All this goes way beyond me, you, him, and anything we'll ever be told or understand, so why waste time speculating. Rodman went there looking for someone to like him, accept him, appreciate him. It's a shame Americans look down on him.

Look both ways

The reason Obama remembered Newtown but doesn't remember Benghazi is because the president and his liberal press have a major problem with remembering anything that would reflect poorly on the current administration. Come on, you got to admire how the Obama administration can have it both ways.

Going biblical

Ah yes. the sanctity of biblical marriage - arranged by parents, daughters sold or exchanged for money or property; rape victim sold to rapist by father; multiple wives and acquisition of concubines; widow forced to marry husband's brother; women subservient to the men and even considered property. Yeah, let's go back to that.

Sinner twin

This is for Jenna concerning her article on gays. Yes, God loves the sinner but he hates the sin. Unless they repent, they will be judged by God. Please read the first chapter of Romans in the New Testament. This is the word of God whether you agree with it or not. God said it and that settles it.