Big bad

So another self-anointed hero/patriot is using the "bad government" card to stiff the taxpayers (you and me) for over a million. I want my government to arrest this clown and get my money back. And if any of his nit-wit, tea-party, armed-idiot buddies raises a weapon against my lawmen, I want these thugs to be dealt with like the dangerous criminals they are.

Industry win

The Bush Medicare Part D cost taxpayers more than $700 billion over 10 years, adding to our deficit; the bill included a provision that prevented the government from negotiating drug prices. The bill was such a great win for the industry, it's lobbying front, PHARMA, hired the bill's author, Rep. Billy Tauzin, as its president for $2 million a year. Quick question: How many times did the Republicans vote to repeal this law?

Rock 'til you drop

Just wanted to say what a great show that the Mahoney Brothers put on at the MCA High School on Saturday night. They were great, and thanks to Mr. Cesari for all he does for the area. Kudos to all the young boys and girls, too, who were dancing around the aisles throughout the concert. We enjoyed every minute. Well done!

Today's lesson

I am calling about the Mount Carmel Area School Board proposing to take down the endzone bleachers. I personally will not vote for any school board member who votes to take down these bleachers, and I encourage all the residents to do the same. They are part of our history. I don't understand why they would want to take them down.

No bother

Why are Shamokin and Coal Township firemen collecting for an out-of-town fire victim when we have a fire over here in Cameron and they aren't bothering anything with that?

Rough row

I see they are looking at that row again up on Chestnut Street. My dad tried to get that down many, many years ago. It was in bad shape then. He has been dead since 1997 and he tried for years before 1997. That row has been a disgrace. Groundhogs, raccoons, rats - you name it - are in that building.

Clean it up

I see these officials looking at blighted properties. They ought to look at properties that people are living in and give them a citation or something. Why can't people clean?

Drop top

It is totally disgusting to see the accused criminals who confessed to the crime getting extra help with taxpayer dollars. The working man has to bite the bullet when they need help. Change is needed from the top on down.

Reverse Robin Hood

I would like to inform every senior citizen in the coal region that we have a new Robin Hood. His name is Lou Barletta. He wants to take from us seniors and give to the rich.


I want to thank Connie Faust for the beautiful poems that she has put in the paper during Lent.

Oh my!

Oh my, he had a "bad day." Get a job. To think that guy was almost your mayor.

Blessed Lent

Can I please thank Connie Faust for her wonderful, inspirational poems that are in the paper? I really enjoy them, and I think everyone is pleased that she is putting them in. Thank you, Connie, and you are in my prayers. Frog's take: We thank Connie, too, for offering them. Another one is scheduled for this weekend.

Oxygen thief

What is wrong with our judicial system? Friday was the anniversary of the bombing in Boston and the bum is still alive. The judges and district attorneys are being paid big bucks. It is time they start doing something to earn it.