When will the Shamokin Police Department start enforcing the texting-while-driving ban? It's clear that the law doesn't stop anyone, because nobody enforces it. Frog's take: We're not the police, but part of the problem might be that the law doesn't bar the use of hand-held cellphones while driving, so police have a difficult time determining if drivers are texting or dialing.

Body count

The Obama administration is appalled that, in Syria, hundreds of children and women were killed with chemical bombing. They should be just as appalled about the thousands of babies being aborted in their own country every day.

On the road

Can someone explain why Shamokin is wearing their white road uniforms for their home games? I didn't know that was an option, like LSU seems to always have.

Sad sack

Of all the words in the English language, the saddest words of all are these: It might have been.

Steep support

I agree about the steep fee for Mount Carmel girls soccer. I went as a grandparent to support the team, not to pay $5. If they want the support, why not try to charge $3 and then they get more people. Five dollars is too much.

Short-term problem

I don't see why everybody is so upset about the salary cuts. As soon as Bridy and Clausi are voted out in the next election, which they will be, the new commissioners can just put them back the way they were.

Contact solution

Can anybody out there tell me where I can drop off used eyeglasses? I have about 36 pair, and I would like to donate them. Frog's take: I believe the Lions Club collects them.

Naming names

As a resident of the 400 block of West Arch Street in Shamokin, I herby petition the city to rename the Claude Kehler Community Park to Vandalism Teen Hangout Playground Skatepark Litterbug Graffiti Campground Park.

Test the teachers

I don't think they should test the students, they should test the teachers. They shouldn't have a teacher testing another teacher. They should have regular people testing the teachers. They get a truer conclusion of how smart these people are.

Combustible combo

Getting involved in Syria would be like throwing a lit match into a bucket of gasoline sitting next to a case of dynamite.

The person you are

A long time ago when I was in the Navy, a chaplain told me it doesn't matter what church you go to. If there is a judgement at the end of your life, it will be based on what kind of person you were, what kind of life you lived, not what religion you were born into. I think this would be a good way to live.

Wonderful life

What a wonderful area we live in that we need not be concerned about drugs, high crime, poverty and unwanted pregnancy, but instead we concern ourselves with lesbians and the salaries of our elected officials. How blessed are we!