Morally bankrupt

There are two important facts missing on the article on the gay family. There is either a mother or father figure absent in the relationship, and the couple are engaged in an unnatural sexual relationship devoid of marital unity. This country is financially and morally bankrupt. We no longer are one nation under God, and we will suffer the consequences.

Do nothing

Evil prevails when good people and church leaders do nothing.

Not normal

The picture in Monday's paper of a normal family makes me want to puke.

Making more

For the nursing home worker, the goal is not for the fast-food workers to make less, but for all of you to make more. By the way, your work is the hardest and the best work of all.


If Republican Sen. John McCain were president, we would likely be at war with Syria. He now criticizes Obama for requesting congressional approval to take action. Previously, the Republicans condemned Obama for his quick and decisive actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of our representatives are idiots, not leaders.

Don't do that again

I am calling about the "normal family" that is plastered on the front page of The News-Item. I think it is pretty sad that The News-Item front page has to have that kind of rotten family picture that puts a disgrace to a normal American family, and I hope you never do that again.

Morning rush

This is to the people who drive like idiots early in the morning. If you are running late for work that you have to drive like a stinking nut, guess what? Set you alarm for a half-hour earlier.

All new low

Your article in Monday's paper titled "A normal family" with a picture of two happy lesbians was disgusting and scores an all-time new low for your paper. It speaks volumes about you editor and assistant editor. I find it repulsive and disgusting. I also feel that it encourages abnormal behavior.

Fix it

This is to the people of Shamokin who said they shouldn't fix the Legion building. This is all the kids have left anymore. Nowhere else to go and nowhere else to play. Everything is either drugs or alcohol, and then they wonder why these kids are in trouble. Give them the building loan. Let them do it. Let them put the kids in there and keep them safe.

Enemy of my enemy

I think we should bomb Syria and Assad because al Qaida needs our help, just like Lybia.

Burger time

Years ago, fast-food workers were part-time teens. Now the core work force is older and it is their full-time job. The CEO of McDonald's makes $13.8 million per year. Business Week reports that the greatest cost of the fast-food business is paying for it's location, not salaries. A few cents more for a burger so that people can earn a living wage is something we should think about.

Scam the scammer

I get phone calls a couple times a week about lowering my credit cards payments. I don't have a credit card. So today, I played along with them. They wanted to know the expiration date and what kind of card I have, and then they wanted me to give them the number over the phone. I laughed at them.

Already heard it

Well, here they go again in Harrisburg. They are going to eliminate property taxes when they propose a new bill. Yeah, I heard that before with the casinos. School districts can take care of themselves, huh? We are paying sky-high taxes and their won't be any property tax rebates for the older folks. The little guy will get screwed again.

Tunnel vision

This is for the dirtbags who keep dumping garbage on Irish Valley Road through the tunnel. My spy cameras are in place and we are watching for your license plate number, so I would advise you to stop dumping.

Judge not

This is in response to the Sound Off "Agents of Satan." Whoever wrote that letter should be ashamed. They look like a very happy family on the front page. Probably happier than most families. For them to judge them, they don't know them.

Good old boys

I think it is a shame Dr. Kraynak didn't get pulled over in Mount Carmel. He wouldn't have the problems he is having now.

Creation time

Did you know that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve? Frog's take: Wow, no one has ever heard that one before!

Nobody's perfect

Being a Christian and having same-sex partners in my family, I have struggled. Bottom line, they are not agents of Satan. God knows their hearts and He - and only He - will judge. Love the sinner and not the sin. Are you perfect without any type of sin? A sin is a sin, and not one is worse than the other in God's eyes.

Silver spoons

Was Commissioner Bridy born with a silver spoon in his mouth that he doesn't need this money? People work for that. Also, I think it is probably a deal that election time is coming up in another year or two. Maybe that is what he is thinking about.

Time for uniforms

I also am appalled at the same-sex marriage picture and the picture of the student in short-shorts at Shamokin school. Time for uniforms, I believe.

Captive creep

So Ariel Castro couldn't stand captivity? Frog's take: Oh, the irony!

Cold feet

The falsity of Iraq has affected the way both Congress and the public view military intervention in Syria. There are, however, two million refugees who have fled, leaving everything behind. Surely we have a role with humanitarian aid.

Condemn no one

Reading the condemnation of the gay couple in Sound Off makes God seem simply awful. The one I learned about condemned no one.

Great asset

I was a part of a summer camp that travels all over Pennsylvania doing camp for kids. We use local community pools for the children and the Rock Street pool in Shamokin was the best pool we attended throughout Pennsylvania. The workers were very friendly and accommodating. The pool area was very clean and kid friendly. I just wanted to say that we look forward to coming back to the Rock Street pool next year. It is just a great asset. Frog's take: Agreed on all points.

Sitting ducks

Shamokin Area Middle/High School, what a screw up on the first day of metal detectors. So basically they are to save the staff and teachers and not the children, because the children were sitting ducks standing for hours on end outside of that school waiting to get in.