Empty suit

It would do no good for a foreign country to tap our president's phone. He knows nothing about the IRS, Benghazi, phone-tapping and Obamacare. He is our chief executive and he knows nothing? Frog's take: As president of the United States, you would think someone would clue him in once in a while.


I just heard on TV this morning that Nov. 1 there will be a $10 to $65 cut in food stamps. I guess someone won't be getting a rib-eye or T-bone steak. How sad.

Hidden hand

Since the national press is starting to report the lies and criminality of this presidency, it makes you wonder what is being hidden in the other hand.

Snowden's scum

The recent dustup of the world's leaders regarding the United States spying on them is almost comical. It shouldn't come as a surprise that, regardless of friend or foe, we spy on them, they spy on us. The real villain is Edward Snowden. As anyone who has possessed a top secret clearance knows, you take an oath that you will not reveal any classified information. If we were able to hunt down bin Laden, we ought to be able to find this scum.

I know nothing

It's time for Obama to stop mimicking Sgt. Schultz of "Hogan's Heroes" with the phrase, "I know nothing," and start adopting the policy of Harry Truman, "The Buck Stops Here."

Get out and vote

Voters of Shamokin, let your voices be heard Tuesday.

Jobs everywhere

On the food stamp reduction, assistance is to get by, not create a pleasant lifestyle. If you're on assistance, you should be struggling. It will make you want to achieve something better. Please don't say there are no jobs; they are everywhere. I'm sick and tired of getting a check I earn each week, seeing how much I lose in taxes, and then watching the "poor" buying better food than I can afford.

Hurricane Pakistan

On the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, hundreds, possibly even thousands, are still trying to rebuild, get some money off the insurance companies or the government to help them out. In the meantime, the nation's debt limit has been raised and, two days after that, the Obama administration sent $1.5 billion to Pakistan.

Help us haunt

Congratulations to the students at Mount Carmel Area who persevered and are making the seventh annual Haunted High a reality this weekend. They have devoted countless hours to make this event happen. Even when the teachers opted to work to the rule, the students were determined. Please, folks, show your support for this wonderful event. Proceeds will go to a charitable organization.

Plug your ears

I'm calling about today's call "Loud vehicles." In today's day and age, if that's all you have to complain about, you've got trouble. My husband and I work full-time jobs; if we get a day off together and get a chance to pull that bike out of the garage - that's our stress relief. There's nothing like wind in your face, rumble between your legs and a pitter-patter of your heart. You need to get over it or get a good set of earplugs.

La vida loca

I agree; this president doesn't know anything about anything, and no one is responsible for anything. Sometimes I wonder if he knows that he's supposed to be a servant of the people and a leader of this country instead of trying to be a celebrity living la vida loca on our tax money.

Not losing interest

On Tuesday's item about kids losing interest in football, when a kid comes out of school and practices three or four hours and then goes home and has homework to do, and keeps his nose clean, he just wants to win. It's just not going their way. But they're not losing interest, because they're there at every practice. So look a little deeper before you shoot your mouth off.