Another crisis

There is another budget crisis in Washington. The Democratic National Committee is so deeply in the hole that it is struggling to pay its own vendors.

Decay away

I agree with your opinion article that properties that are beyond repair should not be offered for judicial sale. Also, local buyers of properties at any of the sales should be required to sign a document that they do intend to fix them.

Drastic drop

A new survey of health care professionals finds that 56 percent oppose ObamaCare, with more than nine in 10 believing there could be major negative impacts such as a drop in quality care. A shocking 19 percent believe that Americans will die earlier.

Liar, liar

Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas is a pathological big liar. Frog's take: Of course, he is. He is a politician, isn't he?

Roaming cats

This is for the person that saw a cat on Chestnut Street. Just saw him over here in the Fifth Ward hiding underneath a trailer. If you are interested, come and get him.


I agree with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. The Iranians cannot be trusted, and they are using this alleged cooperation as a smokescreen. All the while, they will be developing their nuclear technology. Stick with Israel. They are the only true ally we have in the Middle East.


When is the last time Mount Carmel lost three straight football games, and when was the last time they got blown out by 38 points or more?

Politicians and diapers

Shutting down the government is the most unpatriotic thing Congress could do. We elected 535 men and women who serve in the House and Senate to do a job, and that does not include such extreme partisan bickering that they become incapable of rectifying their differences to keep the government running. It's time we elect individuals who represent the people, not their political party.


I am calling about the fire in Atlas Tuesday morning. Police have cones placed, and these idiots still drive around the cones thinking they are going to get through.

Don't do math

To all of you numbskulls defending these teachers in Mount Carmel: These teachers make roughly $38 an hour before benefits, considering they only work 180 days a year.

Word salad

Did Kurt Masser say something about raising the taxes on insurance? I didn't see it. Certainly all these people forgot to read. They are putting words in his mouth. Frog's take: He said there is a proposal in Harrisburg, as a means of funding blight cleanup, to impose a one-half percent surcharge on homeowners insurance. It's nothing more than an idea at this point.

No savings there

The Republicans say they want to cut government spending, yet they shut the government down. This is going to cost the American people about $55 billion. It's ridiculous.

Not the same

Someone called and said guards make $60,000 a year, so why shouldn't teachers make that kind of money? The last time I checked, teachers didn't have to walk around an institution unarmed, only with a whistle and a radio, with killers and rapists around. Teachers' lives aren't threatened every day they come to work. I think there is a big difference in the job. Think what you say before you say it.