Lost minds

The economy is failing, fuel prices are through the roof, the housing market is in a bad way, unemployment is everywhere and yet the people still consider voting Obama and Biden back in? In addition to losing their say when Obamacare was shoved down the American people's throats, have the people also lost their minds?

Kid factories

I am calling about this cyber school stuff. I agree that some people have to cyber school, whether it is for health reasons or whatever for their children. But some of these people are producing kids year after year, 10 or 12 kids, and the school district is responsible for funding this.

Just wait

To the people who are stealing the election signs: Wait until after the election is over and then take them all to beautify our county.

Another lie

In Tuesday's Sound Off it said Obama wants to have gun control and he is going to go through the United Nations to do it. That is a lie. Just like all those birther stories and people saying he is a Muslim. Obama has said to enforce the laws that are already on the books. There is nothing about him going to the United Nations.

Play the game

I am a taxpayer in Mount Carmel Area School District and I was wondering why I have to drive all the way out to Lourdes to see Mount Carmel junior varsity football game because they don't want their Silver Bowl stadium all dug up? I think all the kids should have an opportunity to play on that field. Frog's take: There is now a co-op between the two schools. That probably has something to do with it, too.

No ID required

I would like the people of Northumberland County to know that they can vote without having to show a voter ID. They cannot refuse you to vote.

All apologies

I would like somebody to please tell me why we should believe anything Obama says now, after three and a half years of bowing to other countries and apologizing for America. And he said he didn't do it? Why should we believe him now? I can't believe anything he says.


Did you watch the last couple debates or did you get "Romnesia?"

Fear and loathing

The seven letter "E" word and the four letter "F" word will sink Obama. Economy and fear.

Take a walk

I happen to be the guy who called in about the light being burned out on Pine and Poplar streets. It seems like your reply to me was pretty cocky. I am on disability. Maybe I'll do this: I will go for a walk tonight, fall, break a leg and sue the damn township. See how smart you are then, bud. Frog's take: We merely suggested you call someone who can do something about fixing the problem.

America first

I saw in the news that new emails have been unearthed that show that the Obama administration knew the Libya attack was carried out by a terror group even as the attack was happening. So why did he lie to the American public and say for over a week that it was because of an anti-Muslin film that was made in the United States? In my opinion, it is more of Obama's blame-America-first ideology.

Bad things

I am sure there are people who are responsible for their pets. Did you know that sometimes bad things can happen that no one has control over? Apparently you are a very cold individual. Pets are not disposable. They were created for a reason.

Liar pile

How many lies do you have to tell before you can be called a liar?