Serve and protect

The police in Shamokin need to understand that they work for the citizens of Shamokin. They don't have any right to close a park. We hired them to protect and serve. What they need to do is go and do what they were hired and arrest the people who vandalized the park, and then open it back up to the public.

Train wreck

Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas is a train wreck for the Republican Party.

One less

I was happy to see on the news that there will be one less teacher-basher in the Mount Carmel Area School District since they busted their meth lab.

Big thanks

I would like to thank the police officers, the EMTs, the hazmat team and also my neighbor for the response in Mount Carmel Sunday night. The garage is located between Hickory and Oak streets. Also, thanks to Joe Shearn for discovering the meth lab that was just a few feet from my house. He saved a lot of lives.

Head down

In the Dubbs case, if there were children involved, the public would have sympathy for him and throw a fundraiser to help him. Yes, he should have homeowner's insurance, but a disabled man like Mr. Dubbs probably can't afford that. Yes, it is an eyesore and a health hazard, but instead of fining him more than he can afford, we, as a community, should try to help him instead of beating him when he is down.

Wait and see

I see the commissioners meeting is postponed until two days after the election. How appropriate.

Sounds sarcastic

What is Ted Cruz thinking? Limited government, stopping corporate handouts and fiscal responsibility. That is crazy talk! Keep printing money.

Stupid vandals

This is a little thank you to the vandals who decided since they didn't like being at the playground that nobody else should be allowed to be at the playground and have it shut because of their stupidity. Thanks a lot, vandals.

Big Ben

I can't say I'm enough of an authority on history to know what Ben Franklin would think about the Tea Party's opinions on big government, but I do know enough to say he'd be appalled by their religious fundamentalism.

Meth happens

In regards to the article on the meth in the paper, was it really necessary to print the ingredients and basically how-to on making the meth?


Nothing about Obamacare is health care. It is simply medical tyranny created under the guise of political double speak. It sounds great to promise free or low-cost health insurance for everyone until people learn the true cost of free government programs.


The street sweeper went down Fourth Street in Mount Carmel this morning. It didn't pick up a thing, it just blew it around. Same story all summer. You call and complain and nothing gets done. The street sweeper is a joke. It doesn't do any good.