Great men

Steve Bartos should be fired for bullying and threatening Garth Hall. Who does Bartos think he is? Garth Hall is a great man with honor and integrity and has done more for the City of Shamokin than anyone else I know.

There you go

I saw that quitter Palin on TV blaming Obama because the monuments ain't open for the veterans. That is pretty funny since it was the Republicans who shut down the government. They can't have the monuments open when the government is shut down because they have nobody there working. The Veterans Administration just released a message that they blame the Republican Congress. So there you go, Palin.


Way to go, MCA teachers. Sixty-two percent rating for the elementary school. And you want raises over three years? Most people in this area don't make that kind of money. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Losing traction

That is a slippery slope the city clerk is traveling, and eventually his well-chosen words will not provide any traction. We are with you, Garth Hall.

No sympathy

Did the teachers in all the areas see what the senior citizens are getting for a raise? 1.5 percent this year - and the teachers want 6 and 7 percent plus all their benefits paid? Don't they have any sympathy for the taxpayers?

Suffer the people

The reason people in American are suffering is because of the Republican Tea Party in Congress. Frog's take: Well, that is a bit vague.


For the person complaining about paying for the have-nots in Obamacare, who do they think pays for them now?

Winter is coming

I am calling from Atlas. It is Tuesday Oct. 15 12:05 p.m. and I just saw my first flock of geese flying south.

Nonsense battle

With national attention now focusing on the football teams of the Washington Redskins and now the Neshaminy (Pa.) High School Redskins, I'm wondering when some local individual will attempt to engage our local teams, Shamokin Area Indians and Lourdes Red Raiders, into this nonsense battle that these nicknames are insulting, degrading, racial slurs.

Let's pretend

The latest hypocrisy: Take the lead in shutting down the government, then run to the World War II monument and pretend you didn't.

New headline

The headline on your article about the street lights in Shamokin should have read, "City to remain crappy looking for 50 more years." Then again, in 50 years these will be in style again, so we're ahead of the game.

Administrative help

I'm a little confused on "working to the rule." The teachers and Mr. Stellar claim that chaperoning, bus duty, the Haunted High and Powder Puff may be affected. Usually, in private industry, when there is a labor dispute, management takes over for some duties to keep the place running smoothly. I would think that MCA would have enough administrators (management) to handle most of these extracurricular activities. Frog's take: As we reported, administrators have taken over some duties and, in their defense, Mount Carmel Area doesn't have as many administrators as most districts. Where else is the superintendent also the band director?

A decrease

Where on earth do these teachers think people are going to come up with yet still more money to pay them? They are overpaid, and look at the school's testing scores. There should be a decrease in their salaries. Fire them and hire teachers willing to accept what the district can pay.


Another Obama believer. We already know the Democratic Machine is spreading word that the Republicans caused the closing of the World War II Memorial. Unfortunately, they failed to mention that all the president had to do was say "keep it open." You see, Obama Believer, all the security was "essential" and on the job. It appears that our president doesn't like America; however, as long as the Democratic Party can "blame" it on the Republicans, they will allow the U.S. to default.