Siren silenced

Regarding the Children's Miracle ATV ride this past weekend, there was a picture of an ambulance in the paper. Who paid for the ambulance? The taxpayers? Frog's take: Sorry to shoot down another conspiracy theory, but TransMed, a contracted ambulance that Geisinger uses, donated its time to be there, as we're told the company does for other Geisinger events. Imagine that - someone contributing to a worthy cause.

Field for all

I am happy to see that the school board and athletic director finally allowed the boys soccer team to play on the new field, and, lo and behold, the field actually witnessed a win, and our boys qualified for the district playoffs with that win. I really hope they allow both soccer teams to continue to play here as it is a field for all students.

Big cheese

When the cheesecake sellers first showed up on West Spruce Street, we. too, became suspicious. Watching them working along the street, we wondered, were they canvassing or casing the neighborhood? The police were called to see if they were on the up and up and the dispatcher informed us the police knew about their presence and intentions.

Station to station

I suppose if you think the old Democratic Party actually still exists and you ignore the fact that they have become a party with socialist views, then MSNBC is your station. The funeral they held after the presidential debate was unbelievable. Even though Fox leans a bit politically, they present both sides.


I, too, agree with "Too many chiefs" in Tuesday's News-Item. Reduce the size of council from seven to five. I would go along with that right now.

Doesn't matter

Obama: The president whose record doesn't matter.

Big bad bias

Frog, to be fair, I don't believe most callers are referring specifically to your paper when they accuse your paper of liberal bias. However, you have to admit that the three major networks, ABC, NBC and CBS, along with the Associated Press, have become shills for the Obama propaganda machine. Frog's take: I watch cartoons.

Riddle me this

I am calling about the high price of gasoline. Why is gas 10 cents a gallon cheaper in Sunbury than in Elysburg and surrounding areas? Also, it is 20 cents cheaper in Lewisburg. I wish someone could answer this question for me.

High profile

To help the Mount Carmel Rescue Squad, it might help if The News-Item did a profile on all the squads in the area, because you might be able to see how much overlap you have.

Hey, taxi!

For all you people complaining about Rabbittransit, you know, Shamokin has a cab service. For a few dollars more, they will come and get you, help you with your groceries and it won't take hours of waiting.

Can't wait

I can't wait until I get my Medicare voucher.

Good stuff

This is about the guy selling the cheesecakes. We bought them and they were really good and the money went to a good cause. Not all the people out selling stuff are bad. It doesn't take one bad apple to ruin the bunch; it just takes a bunch of people who don't want people to make a living.