Purple power

Frog, maybe now you will put in my request. I said all along that Shamokin will not win a football game unless they change their helmets to purple and white. Now put it in. Frog's take: Um, their helmets are purple and white. Maybe you mean maroon and grey?

Bad example?

I truly believe MCA teachers deserve a modest raise. However, Mr. Varano, you say you are deeply committed to the success of every student, yet you are punishing them by cutting all after-school tutoring, chaperoning school events and other duties. As a successful student, I urge my child to volunteer. As a matter of fact, this is a requirement to graduate at MCA. They need to complete a senior project. What kind of example are you giving our children?

Yours, mine, the truth

This comment is to the person who left a message about Mr. Mirolli. Remember, there are two sides to every story, and it seems like only one side is being reported. Good luck, Mr. Mirolli.

Vicious cycle

So Leo Mirolli is running for county coroner and he owes Northumberland County money for outstanding fines. If he gets elected coroner and receives a county salary, wouldn't that technically mean we, the taxpayers, are paying for his fines?

On the rocks

Maybe Kulpmont Councilman Bruno Varano offered the LCB agent a shot of whiskey and not the shot she thought he was referring to? Just another example of certain elected officials thinking they are above the law.

Another problem

Mount Carmel schools have problems that are not related to teachers, but reflect badly on the teachers; for instance, the "Hello Kitty" bubble shooter incident that victimized the small student embarrassed our community and lacked common sense.


The teachers' response, that they will only teach to the letter of the rule, that they will only give the minimum required as teachers without a pay increase, proves them to be undeserving of a raise. It doesn't indicate they are teaching out of a good heart. If some of them did just that, gave the minimum required, perhaps the district's scores wouldn't be so low.

Just got paid

Why do the rich politicians like Kelley and Vinny and the other politicians that are lawyers have to get paid? Why don't they volunteer? I am just an average Joe and I have been a volunteer fireman for the past 30 years. I don't get anything for volunteering, just the feeling of helping people in need. Kelley said his job is a 24-hour job. What about us firemen and fire police?

Great girl

Looking at Saturday's paper brought tears to my eyes to see the girl from Southern have her grandfather escort her to be homecoming queen. What a beautiful family. He looks so proud. They sure raised a great girl.

Acting up

To the person worrying about the mold being released from jail and getting sick. The main thing is don't do anything wrong and you won't have to be in the mold and get sick. Act like a human and you won't have to be arrested.

Bear bones

Can we please not forget that Judge Sacavage fought a bear and won? You better watch your mouth, Shoch.

Land of sunshine

If our county elected officials spent as much time working for the taxpayers as they do fighting one another, Northumberland County would be out of debt and a much happier place to live.

Never-ending story

We always are hearing about how Social Security is going to run out of money. How come we never hear about welfare running out of money?

High horses

I see the Democrats are out in full force with their letters to editor about Barletta and Marino. Come on, get off your high horses there. Always blaming others for Obama's errors. Let's stop this nonsense, Democrats. Nobody believes you, anyway.

Black math

I am a parent in the Mount Carmel Area School District and I am so glad that Joe Varano is not a math teacher. Do these teachers know their total coast to the district with escalating health care and pension costs? The median household income is $31,000 and this is the only avenue for revenue. So it only makes sense that the taxpayers cannot bear the burden of their demands. They work approximately 1,170 hours of a 2,080-hour work year, and this does not count snow delays or early dismissal. I don't think you need a mathematician to know they are well compensated.

About time

It seems like another member of the good old boys club got himself arrested. It is about time these elected officials realize that they have to follow the law just like everyone else does or face the consequences. Politicians are no more above the law than anyone else.

Under pressure

Why has it been over half a year when LATS was mismanaged and costing taxpayers thousands of dollars and no one has been charged. Let's put the pressure on.