Forever grateful

I am forever grateful to the woman who found my wallet in the parking lot at LCCC and turned it in. I was so worried it would be empty, but all of my gift cards, credit, debit cards and cash were there. You are a kind-hearted, honest soul. My toddler Alex also thanks you because his birthday money from his mam mam was still there, too!

Clearing house

Several months ago, Joe Paterno's family said they were hiring their own investigator to investigate the Jerry Sandusky scandal to hopefully clear Joe Paterno's name and reputation. Since then, I haven't heard anything and I was wondering if anybody else has heard anything. Frog's take: Thankfully, they have kept their mouths shut.

More than one

Hey, Catholics, you guys keep calling into Sound Off to say you're pro life and that it was your most important issue, yet you supported a candidate who was pro war and pro capital punishment. The guy who said the election is about more than one issue is right. The rest of you are hypocrites.

Kane in 2016

God bless that little Rosalind Kane. She has more brains than the city's founding fathers who put the electronic meters in that are chasing businesses away rather than embracing businesses. Mount Carmel doesn't have any parking meters at all. Good luck, Rosalind, and we hope that you run for president one day.

Free pass for Obama

Being a veteran, I would like to know when this liberal newspaper is going to make the front page with President Obama and staff allowing four of our Americans to die at the embassy when they have jet fighters, Marines, gun ships and all that could have moved them out and protected them?

It's over!

Well, this won't take 30 seconds. It's over. Get the garbage off the roads and the garbage off of my phone.

Face facts

Let's face it: Two wins and eight losses? They shouldn't even be in the playoffs.

Hardly matters

If one morally objects to abortion, it hardly matters what the law says or what insurance covers. You won't have one. Frog's take: Well said.

All business

I see that, once again, the Black Panthers were in Philadelphia trying to intimidate voters. It almost makes me wish I lived there so I could go to the polls and show them a little coal region intimidation in the form of the business end of a .357 magnum.

Not a penny

Well, it looks like we are getting four more years of the socialist, thanks largely to New York and California. I'll tell you this much, those people in New York, the liberals that they are, will drown before they get a penny of my money in the form of aid for the flood. Frog's take: Wow, pretty angry for a guy from a state that also went the way of Obama.