Walk among us

So often in Sound Off, there are negative statements about those receiving welfare benefits. A recent news article in The News-item stated that 700 people in Northumberland County receive cash assistance. There are 90,000 in our depressed county. That does not seem like an overwhelming number. Many who receive food stamps or have the ACCESS card also work at low-paying jobs. The poor will always be with us. This has been true in every society over all time. We, as a nation, must decide how we treat the poorest among us.

You never know

I pick the paper all the time, and I see people running down food stamps. I get food stamps, and I thank the Lord above for them. You have no idea why I get them. So why keep running people down? You never know. Someday you might need them yourself.


Public assistance means you have no other means of providing, not that you would prefer to spend the money you do have on other things. Disability is stated as the inability to work any job in the economy. Not one you prefer, not one you like, not one that pays a certain amount, but any job - period. Please give your working taxpaying friends, neighbors and family a break and get a job if you don't meet the definition of poor or disabled. I work and smoke generic; you get the money taken from my check and smoke Marlboro. You are not entitled or better than me. We are equal beings. Please don't make me work to provide for you and your family.


Did the country politicians forget about Trevorton? I went to vote on Tuesday and there was not a single sign out in front of the place. I thought maybe they changed the voting site. You couldn't even tell there was anything going on there.

Made of cheese

Regarding the caller who said we should sell the moon because we planted our flag there and that means we own it, I hope the person was joking. By international law, it was agreed many years ago that no one nation would claim the moon. Even if we did own it, who would we sell it to? Oh, I know! People who bought into Obamacare, because they will buy anything.

Who are you?

When Jake Betz was in change of Sound Off, he always said he never had caller ID. You never said that. I guess you do. Frog's take: I do not have caller ID. There, I said it.

Thank you

I would like to thank the gentleman who found my wallet at Boyer's and turned it in to the service desk. I have it and thank you.

Mark my words

I see Tony Phillips lost. I wonder where Vinny and Bridy are going to create a job for him somewhere in the administration building. You mark my words.


I would like to congratulate Dan McGaw for winning for Shamokin mayor. Maybe now we can get some new ideas into this town and get bureaucracy out of here.

Master of puppets

Well, Vinny and Bridy, I guess your puppet show had its strings cut last night when Phillips lost. Now I wonder what your plan will be to cut the salary of Grayson because he isn't the fiscal watchdog that you wanted.

Good job

Thank you, voters of Shamokin and Northumberland County. You voted for change and change will come with your votes. We don't want a little dictatorship. We want a form of democracy in our government. You did good.

For years

U.N. global warming report predicted job losses and increased need for food stamps. Something Obama has been doing for years.

Mars and Venus

Why is it when a woman dumps a guy it is all right, but when a guy dumps a woman it isn't?

Way to go, chief!

Thanks to our great American President Obama, I am now going to lose my health insurance, which is very affordable for me and I am a single parent. As of Dec. 31, I will no longer have insurance. I really think he needs to be impeached. He has got to go.

How pathetic

If you think your vote in unimportant, just look at the election results. One race tied, another race with a nine-vote difference. How pathetic that only 27 percent of registered voters bothered to turn out.