True American hate

I wish I might have stated so elegantly that which Ms. Faraguna had in her letter to the editor. To her point, I recall a question being posed to Ron Paul during one of those circus-like debates my Republican party made me suffer through. He was asked what was to be done with an injured man who had no insurance. Mr. Paul shrugged his shoulders, suggesting, as Mrs. Faraguna lamented, that the uninsured just die in the streets. What's become of America? The bitterness? The hate?

Serve again

Marines listen up: We see your corps license plates on your vehicles and the corps flags on your homes, but we truly need you to come join us in providing the second greatest honor to our deceased veterans. We need you to become Marines again. Please come and listen to what we do and what we have to offer. Second Wednesday of every month at the Kulpmont Legion at 1900 hours.

Jobs for elephants

What do the Republicans want to do to this country? Their egotistical political principles object to raising taxes for the rich. They never did help the middle class or give them anything. Well, with their help we can look forward to depression, and maybe the next election, they can all go looking for a job.

Scare tactics

There is no such thing as a fiscal cliff. The United States will not fall off a fiscal cliff by Jan. 1. It is a term utilized by Republicans in Congress to scare people.


I cannot fathom how Obama was re-elected. It seems so surreal. He is destroying this country, and he can continue to do that for four more years.

War on war

I am the guy who called in about four more years of peace and prosperity. I have a full-time job and I have been working since I was 13 years old. We are still at war because the previous administration sent us there and last I checked the economy is on the rebound, although I will admit it could, and I suspect will, get better. Now the Republicans can concentrate on business instead of obstructing this administration. Frog's take: Regardless who got us into it, we are still at war.


I read that a voting machine in Perry County switched a vote from Obama over to Romney. Evidently, the machine had more intelligence than the voter.

Getting ahead

The City of Shamokin gets a little bit ahead, then they want to start giving out big raises to people. Then they have the guts to ask for a 5-mil raise down at the courthouse. Boy, does that take nerve to ask city people to pay higher taxes.

Off a cliff

Call, write or email your Republican representatives and tell them to settle this fiscal cliff. Common sense will tell you that tax hikes in January will spike a recession. Is this their campaign to destroy America? How can they hold America hostage like this?

Facts of life

Go figure. The Benghazi debacle has now turned into a sex scandal. How is that for hiding the facts?

By your side

Yes, it looks like Greg Maresca will be whining and venting for the next four years. I will be right there with him. We have just reelected the worst president in our history and he will destroy this country in the next four years. It will never be the same.

Excuse me

Excuse me, I am a Republican, but I am not greedy or rich. My husband is a military retiree. He fought for our country for the freedom we are now losing. Half of Americans also spoke, but what are you going to do when almost half of the country is getting free stuff?

Great interest

I read with great interest on the crackdown on landlords. Did anybody ever think of how tenants destroy and don't pay their bills for months on end or more than a year? This landlord keeps his building up to date, no ordinances are bad. He has to work overtime at his regular job just to pay the bills because the tenants aren't paying him. Why isn't there an ordinance to make the tenants pay him instead of taking legal action?