Fuzzy math

Obama admitted on TV that he cannot do math beyond the seventh grade. No wonder he hasn't passed a budget in four years. Again, his administration won't let the military votes be counted. At the same time, I am certain that all the dead people in Chicago, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh will be voting.

In time

I really enjoyed the article on the Mount Carmel time capsule. Nice job. I hope that the article will be on display in the near future.

Free everything

Hats off to Betty Bitterman for her well-written and truthful letter to the editor on welfare recipients. Shamokin has become a give-away community; free everything, at the expense of those of us who get up at 4:30 a.m. to go to what is called work. To the welfare recipients: If you have to live here, why would you leave? Show some pride in your community and in yourself.

Door to door

I would like to personally thank Mr. Joe Hajcak from the Mount Carmel Sewer Authority for checking on the borough residents on Monday evening at 10:30. He is such a thoughtful person and he is doing a great job.


Isn't it strange that President Obama managed to stay in the White House to monitor the storm, but when four American citizens were killed in Libya, he was in Las Vegas campaigning? I think the only thing that this man is interested in is being a footnote in history.

1 for 51

This is probably about the 50th call I made and you haven't printed one of them yet. I think the paper's getting a little one-sided. Obama didn't even have a full four years to try to correct what was wrong but the Bushes had 12 years. Why wouldn't Obama be given more time?

You better believe

This is to "Unbelieving." You wouldn't believe Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan, but you believed Obama? He didn't do anything for this country but get us deeper in debt and make promises to a Russian president of "wait until I get elected."

Clinton and Obama

I can't believe that you are saying that Obama has had four years to repair something that it took the Bush administrations 12 years to cause. Had Obama came in right after Clinton, we would have been in perfect shape. No wars, and a surplus.


I'm calling in response about the drains being cleared. They can't wait until the day before or the day of the flood to go around and clear them. They should keep them cleared. We take care of our own by our house. Frog's take: I'm sure they appreciate your help. Otherwise, keeping drains clear of leaves is a full-time job this time of year. Coal Township, Shamokin and probably others were out on Friday as details of the storm's path became more clear.

Serious stance

How can any Catholic vote for Obama when he voted for abortion and partial-birth abortion, as well as approving of gay marriage? The Catholic bishops sued Obama over Obamacare; I take that very seriously.

Out of touch

How many days in the last 3 1/2 years did Obama spend in the White House doing his job? All I remember him doing is hob-nobbing with his Hollywood friends and playing golf. And in the next four years, all he wants to do - he's desperate - is to force socialism down our throats. P.S. I forgot; Obama also spent a lot of time raising campaign funds.

Jokes and lies

Bob Casey is a joke. All he does is vote for taxes and he votes for Obama's programs. And all his commercials about Tom Smith are lies.

It's the Senate

All you people complaining about the president. It's not the president, it's the Senate's fault. If you look to history, it's always been the Senate. They don't do nothing; they don't do their jobs.

Bury power lines

Since we are the only nation that treats global warming like a political issue rather than a scientific reality and we now have a storm of the century every two years, it is time to spend the billions to bury the power lines.

Powerful message

When the power is out in the intersection, the red light is out and it becomes a four-way stop. That is the law. If you are driving and you blow through that red light like it didn't exist and somebody coming in the other direction does it, it would be one heck of a lick. Emergency responders who are possibly saving someone else's life at the time would have to come get you, putting their own lives at risk again because you were too dumb to stop.