Dog beaten

My friend was walking in the town park yesterday. A big black dog came up to her, but he was friendly. All of a sudden, this man came and started beating the dog unmercifully. It wasn't the dog's fault he got out; it was the man's fault. He doesn't deserve to have a dog. I am hoping the SPCA will see this. I am in tears. I hate to see any animal abused. Frog's take: I'm not sure the SPCA reads Sound Off. You or your friend really should call the police or the dog warden.


Why does everybody forget that Kulpmont Borough does not own the current borough hall? Mount Carmel Area School District owns it. It is stupid for the Kulpmont Borough to put money into a building they do not own.

Get the facts

I am calling in response to "Provider." I don't know who this guy is talking about, about being disabled and on welfare and food stamps. I don't think you can buy tobacco or cigarettes. Maybe he should look into his facts before he calls. Frog's take: You yourself just said "I don't think." Are you sure?

Not for Corbett

I think Corbett is stretching the truth. He cut funds for education and local government, which indirectly made local taxes go up. So, indirectly, he did raise taxes. I am a Republican. I voted for him last time, but I will not be voting for him this time.

Loan for Legion

With some people in favor of the loan for the Legion building, why weren't corners cut in the past? You had Bartos' $9,000 raise and $17,000 for furniture for kids. I couldn't even afford furniture that expensive. Sure, what bank manager doesn't want someone to take out a loan, especially a big one? You are bleeding the taxpayers.


Bruce Springsteen has been primarily anti-war, not like those sniveling, cowardly chicken hawks who got us into Iraq with inaccurate information after 17 intelligence agencies said there were no weapons of mass destruction. At least Springsteen is concerned about returning veterans, unlike a lot of the chicken hawks.

Common sense

Losing the tenants from the American Legion building would cause a hardship for our young people who play basketball and use the library. But what about the taxpayers who are on fixed income and paying taxes every year? Our city has to draw a line on spending and work out its problems with common sense.