So cruel

In regards to dropping all these animals off in Excelsior, I think that is so cruel. Where are the cops and authorities to stop this? You take a pet in and make them a home and then you drop them off because you don't want them? That is so cruel. Frog's take: The police and "authorities" can't be everywhere.

Straight to the top

In the new special report on TV, President Obama stated that during his administration, Congress is dysfunctional. Well, Mr. President, that dysfunction begins at the top.

Extra, extra

I just want to let your paper know that I just got back from York, where I got gas for $3.18 a gallon. Yes, it is only $3.18 in the York area.

Sticky fingers

I heard Geisinger nurses are now coming around to people's houses like VNA nurses do. I heard Geisinger is trying to get its fingers on the visiting nurses business now. I wonder how true that might be.

Like it is

I was reading Sound Off yesterday and I read about the person who wonders why you don't have Ann Coulter in. I agree with her. I would definitely love to see Ann Coulter. She tells it like it is.

God and country

The Republican congressmen should forget what is best for them and do what is best for the country.


This is for the caller who asked how you can maintain a pro-life stance and then fight to maintain 100-round clips that mow children to shreds. I don't think there are any 100-round clips available, but even if you wanted one, does that mean you are going to go out and start shooting children to shreds? What a bonehead remark that was.

Another war

A reply to "No troops in Syria:" McCain did say "the U.S. should lead an international effort to protect the population areas" and that "conditions in Syria will require the U.S. to suppress enemy air defenses in at least part of the country." Also, he quoted a Syrian teacher who said if we don't help them, the children would remember this and retaliate in years to come. The Republican war drums are beating, first by air, then with troops. Here we go, USA, another war.

Clown college

To "Crazy talk," you just keep watching your Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert shows, and listening to Al Franken, Nancy Pelosi and Obama and you'll do just fine at clown college. But sign the application first so you can find out what's in it.