I worked in health care for many years helping families arrange ambulance transports. If you don't have appropriate health insurance to cover the cost, you are privately paying for your routine transports. Again, most ambulance company memberships offer no financial reimbursement for such transports.

Money tree

I read in Monday's paper that the United States of America is giving Egypt $1 billion. We are heading for a $17 trillion debt in America and the Obama Administration is giving way more than $1 billion? Where is Obama getting the money?

No fooling

To all you people who think you are fooling the church, you are not fooling Christ.

Dig that hole

I agree with the caller who said it is ridiculous that we need to cut our budget and yet we are giving $60 million to the Syrians. As far as I am concerned, they should cut a lot of our foreign aide. It is like giving money to our enemies who hate us and digging ourselves deeper in the hole. We should cut foreign aide and help American people. Frog's take: For what it's worth, they money is intended for those fighting the Syrian government.

Prancing pres

President Obama is No. 1 to blame for giving money to countries and we are broke ourselves. He's prancing around in the presidential jet with our tax money.

Insulting words

In response to "Burden in my hand," I would like to respond to the insulting statement made about government employees. As an employee who provided vital public health services for many years, it makes it clear that the caller does not understand what he receives for his tax dollars - providing immunizations, tracking food born illnesses, identifying and treating those with TB, STDs, HIV and AIDS and promoting the health of all communities. There are hard-working employees in every field, and it is insulting to all of them. They work for you.

Rest my case

The Republicans want to cut Medicare and Social Security, but they don't want to raise the taxes on the rich. I rest my case.

Record this

Seventy-five dollars an hour to make copies of tapes? No wonder we get ripped off if the county commissioners think that's what they should be paying to make copies. Did they look around to seek other prices? Surely one of the high schools in the county could get a "techie" student to make copies for about $10 an hour and still burn them to either a flash drive or a CD.

Stocks are up

The Dow has reached an all-time high. Now who do you think gets credit for that?

Array of freebies

This is for the caller who complained about people not wanting government in their lives. Yes, government has a place in our lives. That place, however, is not to provide an endless array of freebies to people who are too lazy to work, and that's what the problem is with the government these days.

CNN to town?

Does anyone know if Soledad O'Brien will be coming to Shenandoah to vouch for those hoodlums who were arrested in the drive-by shootings?

Wealthy and taxes

How long are we going to allow Barack Obama to insist that, quote, "If the wealthiest among us pay their fair share, we'll be able to straighten our fiscal house out." That's a lie. The fact of the matter is, if every tax on the rich that Obama wants were enacted, it wouldn't even make a dent in the $17 trillion debt this man has created. He's willing to let the American people suffer in order to advance his socialist agenda.

No soup for us

Egypt gets $250 million from the Obama administration, but what about our country?