Not a chance

People call themselves Christians, yet they rob, steal and murder. They live together out of marriage, and they expect Christ to bless them. It won't happen.

Pop quiz

I think it is about time Shamokin Area starts cleaning up out there and starts drug testing all these teachers.

Face of oblivion

I find it disturbing regarding the budget in Mount Carmel. A million dollars out of a budget of $1.6 million for police protection with a population under 5,000? It is unsustainable. We, in the local communities, must demand a regional police force or face ever-increasing taxes.

Five stars

A friend and I saw "The Music Man" on Friday night and we give it five stars. What a pleasure to see such an amazing hometown production. Thanks, gang.

In their shoes

I am a volunteer at the school, and if you teacher bashers would spend one day at the school, you would never bash a teacher again. You have no idea what they have to put up with, and what they do. You ought to thank God we have the teachers we do to educate our children.

Damage Inc.

Republican senators and congressmen in the House have done more damage to the Republican Party than the Democrats ever could have done.

Silver and bowl

What a thrill to sit in the creature bleachers and cheer on the Red Tornadoes. The bleachers are a vital part of Mount Carmel's football. Many a football game was won in these trenches. Now the creature bleachers are going to be removed. Besides the track being redone in black and yellow, what else is going to be changed? It is not the Silver Bowl anymore. Go Big Red. Or is that going to be destroyed, too?

Tip top

Shamokin Area's musical performance last weekend of "The Music Man" was outstanding. The amount of work and talent required to put a show like that together speaks well of our school and speaks well of our area. Everyone involved should be proud. We need more art forms like this in our school and in our area.

Pleasant valley Sunday

I am calling to say what a pleasant Sunday afternoon it was at the Elysburg Presbyterian Church. Vic Boris and his piano students presented a recital that was fantastic. They played all kinds of music.


It was delightful to see all the women in the first family representing us in China. The president's daughters looked lovely and Michelle demonstrated her exuberance by jumping rope with China's teens. I hope the constant right-wing criticism never quells their enthusiasm, as well as that of Laura Bush and her daughters before the Obamas.

Ain't that a shame

I live in Kulpmont and my house was robbed last night. They took my TV set and my Playstation 3. I called the Kulpmont police, but nobody was available. Ain't that a shame. Frog's take: You should call again. They're doing what they can to afford police, which you might have noticed through the headlines, isn't cheap.

Hats off

I just wanted to say hats off to the Shamokin code enforcement officer. He actually does his job of citing people for violations. I live on Seventh Street in Mount Carmel and our code man does nothing.

Green network

I was wondering if that show that is on TV called "American Greed" is filmed in Washington, D.C.

Flew the coop

The reason you probably won't see the slim, well-dressed woman in the area is because she is probably with the well-built, nicely dressed man, and they are not in this town.

Everyone's a critic

What is it with our new Pope? He is a socialist, he doesn't care about gays and he doesn't care about abortion, but yet he is critical about the new Noah's Ark movie.