Good job, Congress

Someone calls Sound Off frequently about Congress cutting spending. I read between the lines. What they are really saying is "give me, give me. More, more." What we need is more cuts. Many more cuts. Keep up the good work, Congress.

People's choice

The arson fire in Mount Carmel: The fire department did one heck of a job with a quick stop, and the police chief has already charged somebody. He knows what he is doing. Thank you, chief.

Shacking up

To all the bleeding hearts in Shamokin, what do they not understand about illegal? Taking your jobs, getting your Social Security and getting free medical. Why don't you people just have them move in with you?

Check your head

I would like to comment about the Sound Off call about the city raising taxes. If that person would check his tax bill from this year and compare it to last year, he will find that the city taxes weren't raised. They were revised to different areas, but not raised. If he would check the top two sections, he will see that it was the county that raised the taxes for 2013.

On the line

We truly need more guards in our prisons. Instead of helping other countries with aid, help our people who put their lives in danger each day to survive.

Up hill both ways

Back in the late '50s, the moms in the neighborhood would get their girls and boys up to shovel their way to school. We had no snow delays. Frog's take: Well, wasn't that way back in the days of neighborhood schools that were all within walking distance anyway?

Hot under the collar

How dare the hypocrites Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden attend the Papal Mass in Rome. They are believers in abortion, same-sex marriage and birth control, all of which conflict with the beliefs of the Catholic Church. Shame on them.

Caught red-handed

The only reason the Ohio football players are sorry is because they got caught. They should have received stiffer sentences.

Top rate

Hats off to the Mount Carmel Area School District staff for their production of "Grease" this past weekend. It was a super performance and everything was top rate - the set, the music and the performers. Everyone involved should be very proud. It was a great show.

Cutting United Way

Because the United Way is cutting out the Boy Scouts, my family is cutting out the United Way. We will send our donations directly to the Boy Scouts and the Salvation Army.

Cause and effect

When you are reading the March 20 edition of The News-Item, just think about Rep. Paul Ryan's budget proposal, which will be voted on during the day in Washington, D.C.: Tax cuts for the top 1 percent high income earners and cuts in Medicare and Obamacare for everyone else. And this, my fellow Americans, will affect many of our local residents.

Tom's endangered

The Public Policy Polling results and the Quinnipiac University poll indicate Gov. Corbett is in trouble regarding re-election in 2014, some listing him as the most endangered governor up for re-election. The Lottery fiasco, the attempts to destroy the current method of sales of alcoholic beverages, taxation of residents, lack of leadership and concern for the middle class will be the reasons for his defeat.

Great job

I am calling about Lourdes Regional High School girls basketball team. I would like to congratulate them. They did a very good job. They almost went all the way.

Hillary follows

I see Hillary Clinton has embraced the gay marriage scene as opposed to her original stance. That's how it is in this country: If you want to run for president or you want to get ahead, you follow the herd, you follow the pack, you follow the sheep and do whatever it takes to get there. You compromised your morals and principles along the way, but nobody really cares as long as you get ahead.

Something else

I think our governor should not worry about the lottery or Penn State. He should pass a bill that if a person is incarcerated and kills an unarmed guard, he should face mandatory execution in 90 days.