Cleaned up

A special thanks to Bill Pensyl for cleaning out the creek before the duck race. He picked up bags of garbage and went up along the walls and made it look presentable. Of course, the pigs have already dumped more junk there.

Vastly outnumbered

In response to Obama voters are morons and why isn't Mitt Romney president, well, there are just a lot more morons than rational, sane and intelligent people out there.

Lullabies to paralyze

There is a Ebola scourge in Africa killing thousands. If only they had a vaccine. The misguided parents here do not realize that every disease that vaccines prevent was similar to this scourge. Once you are paralyzed by polio, it does not go away.

Die by the drop

The drought of the American West has emptied reservoir and made fields barren for planting. Animals cannot graze, and the forests are ablaze. Our next refugees will be from the West Coast.

Walk the walk

Nothing shows your Christianity like wearing your cross, carrying your Bible and spitting on the child refugees who come from countries where the murder rate is one in 15.

Speak up

I really liked the editorial response Mr. McCarthy wrote about the whining inmate. But why did it take someone from out of town to respond so effectively and put the guy in his place? Where are our county commissioners and prison board to speak up?

In the majority

In answer to the question if Obama voters are morons, then why isn't Mitt Romney president, it is because the majority of Americans are now morons. It is called the dumbing down of America.

Quick change

I am a taxpayer of Northumberland County. I would just like to go on record that I refuse to pay for committing suicide while in jail. I know this seems like a great way to get rich quick, but the taxpayers of Northumberland County are not responsible for substance abusers and how they end their lives.

History lesson

There is great news for history buffs in Shamokin. If you want to get a firsthand look at what the churches of northern Europe looked like after the bombings of World War II, just drive up the hill on Cherry Street in Shamokin to see what used to be St. Michael's Church. There is no need to rush. It has been like this for many months, with no signs of work being done.

Sparks flying

There were only two things wrong with the fireworks over the weekend in Mount Carmel. My wife is now complaining and whining that she didn't have fireworks at our wedding, and my daughter now tells me that she is going to have fireworks at her wedding. She is just reminding me and she is only 15. She has a long ways to go before she gets married.