Welcome sight

We live at the corner of Stetler Drive and Park Road and are happy to see the police, Shamokin or Coal Township.

Jolly Roger

I see in the paper where more countries are adding graphic warnings to cigarette packs. Listen, I don't care if they put a huge skull and crossbones on the pack and label the cigarettes as tumors, they are not going to stop smokers from smoking.

Slash and burn

So Gov. Corbett wants to slash the budget by cutting off social programs, but no tax on the gas companies when other states have a 7 to 10 percent tax on gas drilling in their states.

Big fat

How do yo do it, Frog? How do you listen to all these complaints? Oh my gosh, I can't stand it! I know one thing: You deserve a big, fat, juicy raise.

Cold as ice

To the person who took the refrigerator from my garage: Please return it. It is not yours.

Same as last year

I just read in Sound Off someone calling about Geisinger giving their employees a 1.5 percent raise. Well, let me tell you something: I work there and we are getting zero. Just like we got last year. So it is not all departments getting a raise.

The motherload

Every time I read in Sound Off that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, I wonder what kind of vegetables Russia was moving out of Syria all spring. That is where Iraq moved all those WMDs to.

Heavy lifting

The BBC reports that the Republican businessmen, while denying climate change at home, are investing heavily in European alternative energy companies.

Gotsta get paid

It is bad enough that Mount Carmel only takes recycling that the guys get paid for and they don't take anything else, now they stopped even taking yard waste here in Mount Carmel. I guess they have to get paid for that.

Clintonian creation

Someone in Sound Off wanted to know who has established this political correctness. I am 71 years old, a registered Democrat all my life and the first time I heard of political correctness was through the Clintons.

Easy terms

Mr. Lutz's recent letter suggesting Kulpmont Borough Council explore the alternative of renting the Clauser-Fracolossi building is a good idea and should be investigated. If it worked out, a thousand dollars a month rental agreement is less than one-third of what the monthly payments would be on a 40-year, million-dollar-plus mortgage. As a tenant, the building's owner, not the borough, would be responsible for maintenance. Kulpmont would not be locked into a 40-year financial commitment with guaranteed tax hikes to pay for it, and the ever present possibility of foreclosure hanging over the taxpayers' heads would be avoided.

One outnumbered

Only one member of the public attended the June 29 Mount Carmel school board meeting and no public comments were made regarding the budget of $17,490,924.73. The budget increased $835,000, or nearly 5 percent. How is it possible that a district can spend $17.5 million and the Mount Carmel Area School District is ranked 380th out of 496 Pennsylvania public school districts in 2014? That is the bottom 23 percent.


Political correctness is so out of hand, everything is required to be politically correct. It is nonsense.