Kitten mittens

Could you imagine how cold it would be if we didn't have global warming? Al Gore must have his mittens on today.

Use the force

Retiring Democratic congressman Jim Moran admits that Obamacare is under water and doesn't see a way for Obamacare to succeed if it continues to rely on human nature and market forces to meet its enrollment goals.

Every little twist

Wake up, people. We live in a commonwealth so slow and with useless politicians, their friends and their friend's businesses. End it now. Get out and vote. If the Shamokin mayoral race wasn't enough having to have a recount, but then to be decided by one vote. Keep this in mind: Tom Corbett can be voted out by little people like us.

Under the rug

Just wondering, has anybody heard anything about the bus accident up on Bear Valley Avenue or is this going to be swept under the rug like the last three bus accidents up here? They don't get away with that up in Mount Carmel or Kulpmont. They release the urine tests results and also the results of the investigations. Frog's take: See Page 2

The good stuff

Legalize medical marijuana? Are you nuts? Do you have any idea what that stuff costs? I hope Medicare and Medicade pay for it. If they don't, where do you get the money? Most likely turn to crime.

Waiting on the bus

I see something that irritates me. You give them a two-hour delay from school because it is so cold out, but yet you always see these kids in shorts and T-shirts waiting for the bus. If the parents don't care if their kids are warm, why should the school district?

Blew it

Unemployment was well under five percent in the sixth year of the Bush presidency, then Democrats took control of the house, senate, banking and housing which is directly responsible for the recession and high unemployment. They bailed out the banking industry and blow your tax dollars on insurance after destroying the industry.

Four too many

The reason I am calling is I would like to see the council changed in Kulpmont. We have seven councilmen. We don't need seven councilmen. All we need is one for each precinct. It should be changed from seven to three.

Come together

The councilmen in Kulpmont are so worried about a fire company that they don't need and a borough hall they don't need. Why don't they put their heads together and try to get some industry around here? That is what you need.

Up in smoke

Corbett may have to give in on the medical marijuana to try and show that he has some compassion for children that are in pain and dying, but he will never let recreational use of marijuana past the front door. He loves to see the Commonwealth's prisons and maximum or above capacity with our family members, our children and our neighbors incarcerating them on prehistoric possessions of paraphernalia and ridiculous weight charges of possession just to grease the wheels of Pennsylvania's gigantic government body.

Extra, extra

So many say it's unconstitutional to make you buy health care. Would you find it unconstitutional if a doctor that spent a decade of education learning his craft said they don't feel comfortable putting your life in my hands without being paid? Do you think it's unconstitutional that others that carry health care are paying extra for every exam, every test, every procedure so you don't have to?