Swear jar full

It has been five years since Obama has been sworn in; now the rest of the country is swearing.

Teen idols

I am the person who was robbed on Lincoln Street. I want to thank God for those five young people who came to my rescue. They definitely were angels. We need more young people like them.

Handy item

I am calling about dog complaints. If people who own dogs would buy what they call a pooper scooper, it would save a lot of problems.

On the dole

I think they are giving kids too much time off from school with this weather. Have they got a full week in since before Thanksgiving? Pretty soon they are going to be able to collect unemployment.

Big contribution

I would like to congratulate Cassandra Niglio from Kulpmont in her efforts to raise awareness of childhood cancer and funds for battling childhood cancer. Also, thank you to the Mount Carmel Area School District for allowing her to use the facilities and for promoting these activities. It is really great to see the youth of our area make a huge contribution.

Paying your bills

This is in response to "Do something." I don't understand, either. I do not have child support to pay, but I do have alimony to pay, and they deduct the alimony right out of my paycheck. Not everyone can be working under the table. It should be an easy remedy.

Pipe dreams

Whatever happened to all the industry that was supposed to go in by Northwestern Academy? All these politicians kept promising and promising, but it never happened.

Evil, in the bag

In regard to Kulpmont council's action toward landlords, they are a necessary evil. Without landlords, you would have two or three blighted properties per block.

Obama-nable snowman

I got up this morning and looked out the window and see we are getting some of Obama's weather. It's called a snow job.

Democrat ID, please

Amazing how liberals think that voter ID is discriminatory, yet when you go to the Democratic National Convention, you have to show an ID just to get in. You hypocrites are ruining this country. I wish you would wake up to your idiocy.

Picture ID

I am confused about voter ID. You need a picture ID for cashing a check and for returning something to the store, yet when it comes to voting, to prevent voter fraud, people complain that is a problem. If you needed a picture to get an Access card, I guarantee you within two weeks people would be down on that.

Four decades

On the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we consider the past four decades in which our society has legally permitted abortion and wandered far from God. Instead of accepting children in joy and hope, many hearts seem hardened on making commitment to others. We are becoming a culture marked by rejection, loneliness and sorrow.