Expensive lies

Why do people call the new health care law Obamacare? Obama doesn't care. He lied to the people. Obama said you can keep your doctor. Lie. It wouldn't cost one dime more. Lie. Cuts to Medicare. Lie. All we got from Obama is socialized health care.

Up in smoke

If somebody bans all matches and all lighters, how are people going to be able to smoke?

Breaks my back

I'll tell you what is breaking the country. If you work for the county, state or federal government and retire, you still keep insurance coverage. And you wonder why the country is going down the pipe? Where the heck is all the money coming from?

Kick the can

Once again the president didn't offer a credible tax plan, only more calls for higher taxes. Keep kicking the can down the road.

Leash laws

Last Friday in Springfield, two brown dogs came onto my back porch and attacked a innocent, trusting cat. They tossed him around like he was a stuffed toy. I wasn't home at the time, and if it wasn't for my neighbor hearing the commotion and intervening, the cat would be dead. Isn't there a law against dogs running around unrestrained? I don't know who these dogs belong to, but I wonder if they would like to pay the vet bill. Please keep your dogs on your own property. Frog's take: You might want to contact the dog warden.

Oldest sport

In regards to wrestling being cancelled at the Olympics, since the beginning of time people have wrestled. In every single culture wrestling exists. You can't say that for any other sport. That is just the tip of the iceberg. What happens when we lose our funding for the Olympics for wrestling? Frog's take: I don't know, but they better never cut curling from the winter sports.

Too early

I would love to know why District IV schedules a boys playoff game one hour away at five o'clock. How can anyone who works get there on time?

Pay up

I am calling about the county and the state. Those people have to start paying for more of their own hospitalization and everything like they do in private industry, because the taxpayers can't do it anymore.

Fixing blame

Obama never fixes the problem. He only fixes the blame.

Save a life

This is to the clown who thought $26,000 is ridiculous for Life Flight. Ask the people whose lives got saved by going Life Flight, and see if they think it is ridiculous.

Head games

These Republicans are so stupid. They try to play head games with the president, and then they know they are going to give in.

Old school

We old-timers never had to shut roads down like now. Bring some of us back for the winter, the old highway department. Yeah, we can handle this stuff. Frog's take: I think the larger problem is people just don't know how to drive in the snow.