Election problem

Nancy Pelosi says the federal government does not have a spending problem. The problem here is we will re-elect her again.

Slow down

This is just a reminder with no malice intended: Drivers going through Kulpmont, please remember the speed limit is 25 mph. Also, state law mandates that pedestrians be given the right of way in the crosswalk, especially at corners like Turkey Hill and the post office, and also at the bank. Please use caution and care when driving through Kulpmont, and watch for pedestrians.

Early work

I am happy to read that they are planning to work on the Shamokin city pool now. I hope that means that they will be ready to open on the Memorial Day weekend like everybody else instead of the middle of June like they have in recent years.

Dry run

Just to add to the comment about drug testing welfare recipients: Florida decided to try this. For one thing, it was suspect because the governor had financial connections with the company that was doing the testing. Also, it turned out that the percentage of welfare folks using drugs was significantly lower than the general population. It cost more to run the program then was saved by restricting payments to those who tested positive.

Missing mail

I have no problem with the post office going to five days a week delivery, but wouldn't it make more sense to cut a day in the middle of the week instead of people going two days without mail?

Imported winnings

Our lottery run by a company from England? What is wrong with that? You buy your cars from Japan and Korea and many other countries, and you buy your clothes, your televisions and your food from China and many other countries, so might as well have our lottery run by a company from England. Nothing wrong with that. Way to go, Corbett.

Wasted space

Why is The News-Item wasting valuable space on debating women in combat? Common sense tells us we are endowed with rights from God, but not everyone is physically equal. This includes the sexes. Sorry, Julie, this world is no utopia, and neither is combat.

It's the economy

In just a little more than four years, the stock market has come back from the crash to record highs. That's hard to believe with such an anti-capitalist, socialist in the White House. Do you think any of the other things the Republicans say about Obama could be untrue? Nah.

Tough times

Many people are having a hard time with taxes. The economy stinks. Not all of us get to drive Lexuses, are millionaires, and then use our wealth and power to blast others who disagree with us.

Paterno's side

Sound Off callers and the media keep talking about a coverup that Joe Paterno was a part of. He told the athletic director, who told security, who told the president of the school, who contacted law enforcement. The district attorney of that county decided there was not any proof that would substantiate charges being filed. This is the reality of what happened. Also, experts allowed that man to adopt and care for foster children, and they didn't see him as a threat or pedophile. They all get a pass, but not the football coach?