Mixed nuts

All these calls in Sound Off about the differences between men and women. I think Norm Peterson on "Cheers" said it best years ago when he said, "Women, you can't live with them, pass the beer nuts."


This is to Weis Markets: I would recommend that you put your circulars back in The News-Item. People decide before they go to the store where they are going to buy their meats and their groceries. We like to plan ahead before we shop.

Walking distance

After reading Weis Markets' decision to discontinue its food circular in our paper, I wish to bring something to their attention: You have the benefit of the most local customers patronizing your store in that the elderly are unable to travel to other locations. Due to the ever-rising cost of food, they must make a list according to their budget before shopping.

Plowed in

I realize that this snow is killing our borough with snow removal and snow plowing, but I have a handicapped sign that I am paying for right now and I can't even get off the corner at my place. There is no way; they plowed everything in. I would appreciate it if they could do something.

The fragile ones

Honestly, are your kids that fragile that they can't stand and wait for the bus? You need to double park on the street? If there were a fire, the first responders wouldn't get through from the fire department.

Nationwide Frog

Congratulations to the Frog for his picture of the wacky wife in the USA Today.

Curl of the burl

Hey, Frog Man, don't you take my messages anymore? It's Willie Mays. These Olympics stink. The coverage stinks and you know what I said the other day? Get rid of curling. It's shuffleboard on ice.


I just wanted to let Mount Carmel know they did a spectacular job removing snow in the last two snow storms. Keep up the good work.


The reason Republicans don't believe in climate change is because it was so cold at the polls.

Off to shopping

I will no longer shop at Weis Markets in Shamokin until Mr. Weis puts his circular ad back in The News-Item where it belongs. You can't get any cheaper, Mr. Weis, than that. Well, off to shopping at Walmart.

Motorcar meatballs

I will only buy a car made by an American corporation like Ford, Chrysler and General Motors. Frog's take: I don't know if you heard, but Chrysler is mostly owned by the Italians, namely Fiat.


This is a Shamokin redneck calling. I was just wondering that with all the snow that we have been having, why aren't the storm drains cleared off? That is going to create a real problem when all of this snow melts.